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    My Boltpages : Additional Links
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    SECURITY Related Issues:
    ODCC : Provides tactical consulting, security, and training to commercial clients worldwide. (Pres. Frank Jones )

    AUDIO X-Files : Listen to our favorite prerecorded audio sessions, of the greatest minds of our Time!

    Binaural beating is simulated with monaural files in the following examples. : Hemi-Sync® binaural beats are unique in that they are designed to be complex brainwave-like patterns rather than simple sine waves. (Java Applett)

    BioHarmonics : The New Alternative For Your Health When the natural healing process is hindered there will be illness. (Learn how you can support your bioenergy health! )

    Bruce DePalma on Audio! (Home Of Primordial Energy) : * RealAudio Link to "Sightings" Broadcast of 28 August 1997 * (Scroll down & click on the audio link from the front page.).

    Coast To Coast AM Radio Program : (Former "ART BELL" Show)(ART BELL RETURNS! on 05 Feb 2001) The Internet's #1 Audio - Visual Archive ™ : World History In Digital Sounds & Pictures, The Sound & Image History Of The Media Age.

    The Laura Lee Show (internet Broadcast Archives)
    Royal Rife's Beam Ray Device - Part 1 : Chiropractor James Bare spends this hour with Laura Lee talking about his investigation of Dr. Royal Rife's Beam Ray device, which had been lost to humanity since its 1934 clinical trials.

    Sightings! : Internet Radio Broadcast fromJEFF RENSE (Former Sightings TV Program Host)

    Additional Research Links. :

    Alternative Science : Links Page

    Time Travel Research Center : Interview with Dr. David Anderson@Frankfurt, Germany

    Time Travel Institute (Website)

    Website Of: Mr. Alexander V. Frolov : Russian Native Engineer, Inventor, & Author of many published works relating to a broad range of topics such as ...gravitation, electrogravitation, new energy, time rate control theory (time machine), reactionless propulsion, warp drive technology, plasma electrolysis, hydrogen energetics, aging problem, Tesla research, ether science, ether dynamics, n-dimensional, electric spacecraft, four dimensional conception of matter, thermogravitation, gyroscopical drive, Tesla, Chernetsky, Frolov, gradient dielectric technologies for electric space drive, warp drive, space time curvature, temporal displacement, teleportation, and DNA resonance.

    Time Technical proposals for time control research program. (Modern theories about nature of Space and Time.) : There are many known theories and no needs to comment all of them. I submitted here some data that is correlating with my own understanding. This data let me develop practical ideas and offer some time rate control experiments.

    Adrian Gilbert Website : Throughout history there has been a belief that somewhere in the world there exists a brotherhood, "Masters of Wisdom", secretly guiding the destiny of mankind. Who were these "MAGI's" as spoken about in the Bible as the three wisemen whom visited Jesus as an infant?... Adrian Gilbert has devoted his life, searching for these masters. He was convinced that the secret school, if it really existed, was in some way connected with the story of the visiting Magi at the start of St. Matthew's Gospel.

    Adventures Unlimited Press (AUP)
    (A Must See Online Bookstore Like None Other!) : This website is the brainchild of David Hatcher Childress; Rogue adventurer and maverick archaeologist, 20 years of global search for lost cities, ancient mysteries and clues of humankind's origins, Further expeditions to South America, Africa and remote Pacific Islands, along with his books and media attention certified Childress as the Real Life Indiana Jones!

    DR. Gary Schwartz Author of the Book: "The Living Energy Universe"
    Dr. Schwartz believes that the consciousness survives death. Gary E.R. Schwartz, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology, medicine neurology, psychiatry, and surgery at the University of Arizona; director of the UA Human Energy Systems Laboratory; and director of the Bioenergy Core at the UA Pediatric Alternative Medicine Research Center. Dr. Schwartz has published more than 300 scientific papers, including six paper in the journal Science, co-edited 11 academic books, and written, "The Living Energy Universe" and "Discovering the Living Soul" with his research partner and wife Linda Russek, Ph.D.

    The David Hamel Connection : David Hamel's Website

    The Hamel Antigravity Device Project
    Created on 9 May 1997- JLN Labs - Last update on September 23th, 1999 (Thanks to Dan LaRochelle.)

    David Hamel : Links Page

    A great site for reading up on 'Sacred Sites' of the world, 'Druids', 'Sacred Geometry', 'Avebury', and many other worldwide mysteries that have posed questions over the centuries. This site has been recently reviewed in several Net magazines.

    EARTHLIGHT Homepage (H.A.A.R.P.) : The U.S. H.A.A.R.P. project in Alaska is reviewed here.
    The experiment with high intensity radio waves aimed at the ionosphere has all the makings of a major cover-up by the defense agencies of the U.S. and a real potential for disaster for the general population of our planet. The internet underground exposed this and shows what a powerful tool the net has become in exposing "secret" activities.

    MK-ULTRA : (Secret Mind Control Experiments)

    Mid-Atlantic Geomancy
    This site discusses how "sacred sites" such as "Stonehenge" and others were chosen as "sacred" by "dowsing" and other factors that made a "site" qualify as "powerful". Many other topics are discussed about "sacred" areas on this Earth that have had humankind puzzled over the centuries. Great read!

    Military Secrecy, Conspiracies, NASA Space Wars?, and Secret Underground Bases.
    Are you interested in "conspiracy" theories, UFO coverups and anything that relates to the "big brother" syndrome of the USA defence hierarchy, then check out this page! Many links to government secret documents that are now "supposedly" public knowledge.

    Moller International (A Real Flyin Car like on the Jetsons!!)
    Moller designs and manufactures vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft as well as the systems required for VTOL aircraft. Included is company news, investment information, sales information and FAQs.

    Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
    Psychokenesis which is the ability to move or affect physical objects by using mental energy is discussed at this site. A serious scientific approach is taken here and explains that we all have the power to do this if we learn how to develop & enhance these powerful & natural "untapped" abilities.

    Royal Rife Technologies : "P.E.F.T." (Plasma Emitting Frequencey Therapy) & More...
    (Suppressed Cures for Cancers & Alzheimers?)

    The Enterprise Mission
    (Website of: Richard Hogland's Research Group)
    Dr. Richard Hoagland's home page that keeps you up-to-date with space theories that are backed up with amazing photos, interviews and hard not to believe evidence that "we are not alone" and never have been.

    The Home Of Primordial Energy
    Website of the Late Mr. Bruce Depalma
    (Scroll down, and click on the "Audio" icon, to listen to a pre-recorded "Interview" from 1997 while Bruce Depalma was alive & well, as he goes into elaborated details, describing his overunity, N-! Homopolar electrostatic Generator.
    Mr. Bruce Depalma has received a series of International Patent Awards for this Incredible Invention based on Faraday's principles of extracting electricity direct from rotating doughnut shaped magnets counter-rotating with opposing polarity.

    Welcome to "FREE ENERGY " : Don't take MY word for it. Take it from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office!

    The Lucidity Institute
    The Lucidity Institute is dedicated to the advancement of research on the nature and potentials of consciousness and to the application of the results of this research to the enhancement of human health and well-being.

    The Planet Nibiru, Further research into explanation of the Mystery of the 13th Planet.
    Never heard of this planet that is supposedly part of OUR solar system? Check this page out. When finished try the "Galaxy 37" connection page with great links to other "on the edge" sites. Well worth the read. A chat line is also available for interested explorers of the "unknown". Not Covinced? Then explain this one, < >Distant Worlds Discovered in the Southern Sky -- An international team of astronomers announced the discovery of three new planets orbiting stars close to our Solar System. The exoplanets were found around nearby stars within 150 light-years of Earth!

    The Schauberger's Flying Saucer and "the repulsion" principle : By Jean-Louis Naudin.

    The Science of Tachyonization : Heard of Tachyons but not sure of what they do?...then this page is for you. Brought to you from the Lovelight group this page will explain what happens when matter is bombarded by tachyons...molecular changes that may affect life expectancy (longer) among other things.

    UFO Information Central Networks : INFORMATION REGARDING UFOs (ALIENS)

    United Light Publishing : Activists For Higher Consciousness

    THE MAD SCIENTIST'S LAIR : Our goal is to collect information on alternative technology and 'free energy' machines, and to present it in such a way as to be useful to experimenters. ULTIMATE REALITY - synthesis of particle physics, cosmology and vedanta, aiming...

    Research Alternative Energy Sources Alternative : Science Indexes Alternative Approaches - to Energy Conversion Cold Fusion - Documents and Indexes Electrogravitics - Reference List Fullerene Fusion.

    EM+ discussions & Comparisons to RF Carrier Based Radiant Plasma Systems. : EM+ Radiant Plasma Discussions - Technical Aspects Subject: Questions : RF vs No RF approaches: EM+: 29 Nov 1999 LE wrote: " Can some of the techies please answer these questions???

    Disclaimer for JWLABS AND RIFEMACHINE. : Your Only Source for Rife Instrument Royal Rife Royal Raymond Rife Frequency Instrument (R. R.) Rife transducer Rife frequency generator Frequency Resonator, Rife Machine BX Virus Rife Microscope Rife Resonance.
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