Time is perhaps not what we think!

Discussion in 'Physics & Math' started by Jez, Aug 17, 2001.

  1. Jez Optimist Registered Senior Member

    I watched a program on Discovery (I think) where they had manipulated a worm so that he/she/it lived 5 times longer than average worms but the downside was that the worm did everything 5 times slower!

    This would mean that our perception of time will always be the same as others no matter how long we live... (if we die from natural causes that is)

    I thought that sounds pretty amazing!

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    Could it be true?
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  3. Bebelina kospla.com Valued Senior Member


    Time is just a practical illusion, so that we, humans, should not get too confused about the existense. In reality, everything happens now.

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  5. Time/02112 Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    <IMG SRC=http://www.comteck.com/~doctor/Atom.gif BORDER=0>

    ...it is much to do with in relation to one's own "QSE"
    (Quantum States Of Existance)and the physical plane of existance your QSE is interacting with.

    X is Where "E" = 2, div/"0" = -Z^o^+Z



    "I think that mind is as fundamental to nature as light or electricity."
    ---Nick Herbert

    Nick Herbert holds a Ph.D. in experimental physics from Stanford University. He was senior scientist at Memorex, Santa Clara, and other Bay Area hardware companies specializing in magnetic, electrostatic, optical, and thermal methods of information processing and storage. He has taught science at all levels from graduate school to kindergarten including the development, with his wife Betsy, of a hands-on home-schooling science curriculum. Nick was the coordinator (along with Saul-Paul Sirag) of Esalen Institute's physics and consciousness program and has led many workshops on the quantum mechanics of everyday life. He is the author of Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics, Faster Than Light (published in Japan under the title Time Machine Construction Manual), Elemental Mind: Human Consciousness and the New Physics, and he devised the shortest proof of Bell's interconnectedness theorem to date.

    He has written on faster-than-light and quantum theory for such journals as the American Journal of Physics and New Scientist, and is Fringe Science columnist for Mondo 2000. We interviewed Nick April 23, 1989, on a hill overlooking Santa Cruz, California. Nick spoke with us about the implications of Bell's Theorem, superluminal loopholes in physics, and the secret technologies behind time travel and contacting the dead, including step-by-step instructions on how to build your very own time machine. Nick is an ardent disciple of quantum theory's left-hand path, and his ability to humanize science and his imaginative speculations on time travel make him both fascinating and fun. He has a way of making even the most complex concepts of quantum physics easily understandable. He is very warm, has a contagious sense of humor, and has an uncanny talent for making the mundane seem mysterious.

    *---See Interview---*

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