We could be ''Knowing by heart'',scientists say

Discussion in 'General Science & Technology' started by refaat aitta, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Counter Registered Senior Member

    ...and the hearts didn't miss any beats??

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  3. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Very funny indeed, those!

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  5. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    The heart gets what it wants. Like a wizard.
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  7. sideshowbob Sorry, wrong number. Valued Senior Member

    But sometimes what the heart wants is not what the heart should have. Like a child.
  8. Jozen-Bo The Wheel Spinning King!!! Registered Senior Member

    The human body is a system composed of systems. The liver has a systematic function, as does the stomach etc. All these systems work together to composing the overall system that makes life functional.

    Does the heart generate the majority of the body's electricity?

    If so, then that electrical pulse is required for the brain to function better, yes?

    What does the brain do if it doesn't have any electricity? It stops and you stop thinking.

    Cell phones pick up electro-magnetic waves, which tell them 01001100110110011101101011010101011 etc. This binary code is converted until the final result is a phone call or video.

    If the cell phone does not have electricity, it will not pick up the signal.

    The electricity is produced by the beating, and the brain gets electrical waves that help push neural transmitters from neuron to neuron, each wave providing extra push for the transmissions to occur.

    If the heart beats faster, the waves come faster. This doesn't automatically equate to more thinking though, I do suspect that is does influence the thought process when the brain is focused on a thinking process.

    It appears to me the two can not be totally isolated in a way that is healthy for either one.

    Supposing we had the means to extract a brain... oh never mind we do. It has been done to mice already. There is a scientist in England who has successfully extracted mouse brain and put it into a little robot. The robot receives signals from the brain, which is connected to circuits and kept in a nutrient rich fluid.

    Poor mouse

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    the little robot moves around, its camera eye looking at the world and it rolls on wheels attempting to react to its new hell prison.

    The little mice they do this to, do not live long, a week or 2 at best if memory serves me.

    I loath to fathom how awful the experience must be for that mouse... severed from its nervous system and suddenly stuck in some warped reality worse then a nightmare most likely. Sad science

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    Who knows, maybe the plan is to one day put our brains into robot bodies?

    David Rockefella forever???

    So far as far as I know this is not possible, the brain can not handle the transplant, and even though the cells are fed all they need, they still die, most likely do to total panic and sheer stress.

    It would be interesting if it were possible to ask the mouse if it finds that it can not think the same without the heart providing the natural electrical waves that help it to stay healthy. But this is not possible so far.

    A test could be set up to do something similar but taken the heart instead of the brain and putting it into the little robot. I doubt it would give solid conclusive evidence though, it would likely prove that the heart is not thinking like the brain.

    I do suspect that both heart and brain have some level of intelligence as it is innate with every cell in the body. The brain cells are specialized cells that perform advanced intelligent functions.

    All cells that live contain some bit of consciousness. Consciousness reaches advance states of awareness when these cells operate as a team, united into a body.

    I am tired, and can't make any conclusions, though I suspect there is a great deal of consciousness stemming from the heart which is greater then that of the intellectual thinking brain, though that does not operate in the same way as the brain which is a organism for processing thought, sensory input, and problem solving.

    Interesting, Ill have to read what they say in the article if I ever find time.
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  9. Michael 345 Valued Senior Member

  10. Michael 345 Valued Senior Member









    Reference link please

    Reference link please

    Ya Correct

    most likely do to total panic and sheer stress


    Ya not possible

    Doubtful if ever will be

    natural electrical waves

    Electrical current applied to a patients brain during surgery and the patient awake elicit various responses which the patient can tell the surgeon about


    Stupid experiment

    Already know hearts do not think

    And we're back to no



    I doubt any such article exist

    But IF such a article you might find it in the Woo section of Google which would I suspect direct you to various sites

    IF you do find such a article please post a link here

    In summation

    Not even wrong

    Attributed to theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli


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