What do girls want?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by spidergoat, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    in your opinion if the child dies(or is taken into state care) is the family still a family ?
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  3. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Let me make this clear, to answer your questions.
    1. Incel is not a belief system, it is a condition one happens to be in. Incel stands for involutary celibate.

    2. Not every incel is a hive mind that shares the same views.

    3. Some incels do not believe in an Eliot Rogers dogma of a world of only men. Personally I would rather a world of mostly women and only a few men.

    4. Many blacks like beat music or rap music. This does not mean all blacks like beat music or rap music. Many incels like Eliot Rodgers. This does not mean all incels like Eliot Rogers.

    5. Unless those men super hero sidekicks were wearing a dress or something disobedient to American male gender dogma, I am not impressed by the show at all.

    6. Average looking women have easier time finding a date in America than average looking men. Wanting dating equality is not irrational. Thus not all incel ideas are irrational. Legalizing prostitution is not irrational. Some incel ideas are irrational. One of these irrational ideas is to put women in concentration camps, which is irrational. One must not throw out the baby with the bathwater. The sane, rational man says some incel ideas are rational, while others are irrational. The hysterical man hates all incels and claims everything they say is irrational.

    7. My views of America is this: that women are generally not sexually attracted to men. That men are generally sexually attracted to women. And that the reason women are generally not sexually attracted to men, is because males are forced to adhere to rigid male gender norms.

    8. If you are upper or middle class, and pure white, or a socially acceptable purebred black person, and enrolled in college at around age 20 or so, you will be respected as a bachelor, and have an easier time getting a date. If you have multiple race mixtures, or are poor or lower class, or are enrolled in either community college or enrolled in college at an older age, then you will be called an undesirable, and have a harder time getting a date as a bachelor.
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  5. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    No. Unless you factor in their grandparents, aunts and such.
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  7. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Again, white nationalist stands for someone who is white and a nation. Do you think white nationalism is a belief system, or is it just a white person in a nation?

    This attempt to redefine words to win the argument is pretty sad, and it's basically the last thing many people turn to when they are losing an argument.
    Fortunately for you there are more women than men out there; about 7 million more women than men in the US.
    Ah, so you are lumping all average looking women into one pool, and lumping all average looking men into a different pool? Didn't you just get through saying that you can't lump all incels together?

    From my experience, good looking women have an easier time finding a date and a harder time finding someone decent to be with. Being average looking is a good thing for both men and women; that way you filter out all the shallow predators from both sexes.
    One such male sidekick has long, middle-of-the-back length hair that the other characters often mention. Is that 'disobedient' enough? Or do you require someone to be just like you before they impress you?
    Wanting the same OPPORTUNITIES is rational. Wanting EQUALITY is irrational. Men are not equal to women and never will be; men can't have children. However, making sure that the same OPPORTUNITIES exist is a worthy goal.
    Agreed. And Ted Kaczynski's manifesto made some quite rational points, too. (You may remember him as the Unabomber.)
    That's an incel view. In reality women are generally sexually attracted to men. I've seen this in my life and the lives of my friends, and I see this in society in the popularity of soft-porn romance novels and shows for women.
    Quite often women are more attracted to the men who go outside gender norms.
  8. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    So not only do you redefine words, but misspell them as well.
    White nationalism is not white nation. But you just said it is white nation.
    Incel actually stands for involuntary celibate. Do you want to redefine the meaning of that too?
    And yet still the dating game is lopsided against american males.
    That's a totally different kind of context.
    This is about physical features and how they relate to one's success in the dating department.
    And men have an even harder time finding someone decent to be with usually.

    I like your use of the word "predator". It implies that someone who values physical beauty is an evil, bad person. How typically modern.
    Long hair is not violating american male gender dogma. Unless we are talking about the 50's or something. Maybe if you posted that in the 50's it would have been revolutionary at the time.

    So I guess you aren't a liberal after all, you don't believe in the equality dogma.

    Soft porn is fiction, romance novels are fiction, tv shows are fiction.
    The process a woman goes through to feel comfortable with a man is the same process a heterosexual man goes through to become gay.
    A man comes on to her, declares his feelings. She doesn't know how to process it. Becomes fickle. Then days, weeks or months go by and all of a sudden she falls in love and wants to be with him. But then they get serious and she starts to feel fickle. Maybe she starts to feel uncomfortable with the sex. Maybe she wants to go back to her manly ways and being disgusted with men.

  9. billvon Valued Senior Member

    So you can't answer the question. I am not surprised, since it would render your argument worthless.
    Males think the dating game is stacked against them. Women think the dating game is stacked against them. Nothing new there.
    Nope. Someone who values physical beauty over everything else is merely shallow. Someone who uses incel tactics to stalk women is a predator.
    I knew it! He's not enough like you so he's not really a rebel.
    Yep. And many women love them - because, in large part, of their sex drive.
    Spoken like a true incel.
  10. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    So I guess that there is an ego in you so big there is no way you could ever be proven wrong in the majority of your arguments.
  11. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    The question was based on a nonsensical premise. Illogic.
    The argument that was worthless was yours.
    Most women do not claim the dating game is stacked against them. And if they do they complain about the vast amount of guys who are never good enough for them.
    But earlier you called them predators, for simply wanting a hot woman.
    Or, he's not a rebel because hes a corporate pawn who is bought in and part of the established order, and, because he is not doing anything to seriously challenge gender norms anyway.

    Yes in their imaginations. But often people imagine things they wouldn't do in real life.

    Despite nothing what I said being the same as the dogma you listed as the incel dogma code?
  12. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    A family includes 2 people in a relationship.

    It's harder for anyone to get a date or to find the right person the older they get as the available pool is less.
  13. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    if another person is living with them and having a sexual relationship with them(1 or both of them), would you then class them as a family ?
  14. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    women have been forced to adapt or die, adapt or suffer endles beatings(rape was normal and expected)
    adapt or be tortured
    be tortured anyway and still have to adapt to survive...

    this is the state of the female position in the patriarchal society.

    it has only changed in a legal sense in the last 50 years in some 1st world countrys. in the usa there is a collective move to remove these protections of women.

    it seems only natural that evolving modern intelligent women who are geneticaly predisposed to survive will be attracted to men who are also able to evolve and survive.

    maybe that is at the heart of the issue.
    all those patriarchal dinosaurs who cant adapt and change, trying to destroy society to service their own egos as they go down in flames.
  15. billvon Valued Senior Member

    In some societies, yes. Fortunately those are becoming fewer and farther between.
  16. billvon Valued Senior Member

    It is quite simple; I will ask it again so you can waffle, deflect and distract.

    Is a white nationalist just a white person who lives in a nation?

    It's a very simple question that can be answered either "yes" or "no." Can you do it? I am betting you cannot. Answering honestly will reveal that your definition of incel is foolish, and you don't want to do that. Answering dishonestly will make you look like an idiot.
    Talk to a few; you will hear how:

    -the standards for dress and appearance are much higher for women than for men
    -women are at far more risk in the dating world
    -women are labeled as stuck up bitches if they don't date enough men, and as sluts/whores if they date too many
    Nope; go back and re-read.
    So are men who wear dresses.
    You have regularly and strongly attacked women for causing your problems with dating. That's central to the incel dogma.
  17. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    A white nationalists is a choice. An involuntary celibate is not a choice.

    It is you who are framing involuntary celibate as a belief system. I am the one saying it is not a belief system.

    Also, framing "yes and no" and not allowing an explanation, is a trick people do to frame people into saying something they can twist against them.

    Not true. If a man breaks the gender code he gets shamed laughed at by his peers, may even suffer violence in some cases.
    If a woman wears a t-shirt or pants litterally nothing happens.

    What planet do you literally live on.
    Maybe you are talking about backwards third-world countries or something, because I am only talking about first-world here.

    Men are at more risk of being alone. And yes there is a dating imbalance.

    Hmm that's funny because I specifically recall the world telling me that men who don't have a girlfriend are creepy. And this same society says that in order to get a girlfriend, a men ought to show that he is either sexually active or has a girlfriend. Oh and this same society that shames pick up artists and men who just go around having sex with multiple women.

    Men who wear dresses are men who actually have courage and are actually defying the dogma of society.

    I've blamed men also for perpetuating the bs of this society too.
  18. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Why is being a white nationalist a choice? Can a person decide to not be white, or not live in a nation?
    So in your world. if a woman wears a T-shirt to work nothing happens? Again, talk to some women sometimes. There is a HUGE amount of pressure on women to dress appropriately; men get away with a lot more.

    Let me again use a local example. At a Home Depot near me, there is a guy who wears a dress and earrings. There is a (male) cashier with pink hair. There's a woman who wears a big metal collar. There's a short guy who always wears pink. There's an older guy with a massive facial deformity; his upper lip is missing on one side. They seem accepted by both customers and their fellow employees. Are they truly happy? Hard to know. But they are out there in the world interacting with customers, their fellow workers and their bosses - and from outside observation, have good relationships with them.
    Earth, as seen from someone who lives in it.

    We have different perspectives, because I live out in the world. You stay on your mom's couch. Our viewpoints will be different.
    You are talking about the view of the first world from your couch. When you get your views from TV and the Internet, they are going to be skewed.
    Some are, yes. Not sure why you think that's funny, since it has nothing to do with what I said.
    Nope. The celibate guy is a big target for women. Again, talk to some.
    Face it; you are just another pawn of society who is playing to an audience, and you desperately want their approval. You want to see yourself as courageous. But if you were courageous you'd get off your mom's couch and live out there in the world. You'd wear dresses all the time and not care what people thought about it. You'd live a full life. You'd make yourself better through working at what you are good at, and in the process meet other people like yourself.

    Want to be courageous for real, rather than just another Internet wannabe? Then get out there in the real world.

    Want to be a lonely whiner who gets fatter and fatter while life passes them by? Then stay on that couch and whine. Hope it's comfy.
  19. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    White nationalist does not refer to a white that lives in a nation. Involuntary Celibate, incel, refers to what it is, an involuntary celibate.

    At this point I can safely conclude that you are delusional, or living on a different planet. On this planet of yours men wear makeup and dresses and their boss gives them a standing ovation for fighting against the forces of gender dogma.

    Not the norm in America I guess you live in an area that is different from the norm. Or as I said before, another planet, possibly a pocket dimension.

    Is this the same Earth we are talking about? In Hitchhikers guide there were 2 earths I believe.

    More evidence of your delusion. I'll have you know my mom's couch is not very comfortable, I prefer the sofa.

    Dunno. I get a mix of my views from the internet, TV, and real life. Believe it or not people still do shops at real stores.

    Everything to do with. The stuff you complained women had to struggle with men had to struggle with and more.

    No idea what you are talking about.

    Im not really a pawn of society. But im not really queen of society either.

    Been there done that, got rude people driving by calling me names.

    As to why I dont even bother for politics, read my last thread about democracy.
  20. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Correct! It refers to an ideology; namely, the ideology that whites are superior to other races, and espouse separation from them. Even though their name doesn't say that.
    Incorrect! Incel also refers to an ideology; namely, the ideology that incels are not responsible for their lack of companionship, that it is the fault of women for not providing the companionship that incels deserve.
    Some men do wear makeup on my planet. We recently did some stunts for a TV commercial, and they put makeup on both the men and women whose faces were in closeup.

    No one's boss gives them a standing ovation on my planet for wearing anything. Do they do that on your couch?
    That's what a couch is.
    Of course you are. You let society determine what you do, and claim you are powerless to do anything differently. You are a pawn, moved around by whoever you think represents society.
    Then if you can't deal with it, stay on your couch (sorry, sofa) and live with the loneliness that results from your decision to do so.
  21. gmilam Valued Senior Member

    I think I know why nobody likes you. You're a whiney little bitch.
  22. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Except these people knew nothing about me, just saw a male in a dress and decided to name call me.

    Kind of like how you really know nothing about me, and are just name calling me right now.
  23. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    In your mind it does, but that's not the reality of it.
    Incel stands for involuntary celibate. In my other thread I went into more detail but it was closed.
    I will reiterate.
    "Their lives often go one of two ways: Either a life of quiet meek depression and fading into nothing, or a life of angry and flamboyant frustration and rage."
    So if you will do some mathematics, you will see why incel views are the way they are, either they rage about the views and make it public, and the people who dont have the ragey views, simply quietly hide their pacifist views. So you hear less about pacifist incels that way.

    That's not the kind of makeup I refer, and you are being intellectually dishonest right now.

    It was a sarcastic statement, so why are you responding to it like it wasn't sarcasm? Did you not get the memo?

    I was referring to a sofa chair.

    What you describe is not a pawn, what you describe is a spectator that isn't participating in the game willfully.

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