When Aliens invade/colonise Earth(general discussion)

Discussion in 'UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters' started by RainbowSingularity, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    what do you think they will do ?

    give some examples of what you seriously typically think real aliens would do if they invaded or decided to come & live on earth

    general discussions
    post your real thoughts about the reality of it
    any original jokes welcome.
    post any links to evidence or content you think is real or soo good it could be almost real.

    stuff like this
    if you have any links
    or personal experiences & thoughts on the subject(trolls will be reported)

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  3. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    Whatever they do... i dout that it will be for the benifit of earthlings

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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    like American white people did to American indians ?

    ultimate goal of all life theory proposal ?
    all life forms are inherently self motivated ?
    isnt that a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy by nature of survival of any assigned proxy ?

    what people dont usually discuss is how trapped & indoctrinated their thinking & perception is.
    simply by asking questions around certain things
    the persons ability to process is completely catastrophized

    in this case the moral debate around is all life selfishly motivated
    give an example of a usa capitalist making a selfless act(all acts are attached to the self so selfless is purely subjective by pre defined terms of absolute meaning of physical properties)
    which in this case is interesting loop to the video of the ufo sighting as its hard science physical proof

    and if we stylise your question toward american morality & culture
    the un asked question of ends justifys the means
    the question is
    "what is the motive" but without asking the question while attaching usa cultural absolutes of self interested value to the outcomes as the ends
    motive become the means which is irrelevant(liberal versus empathic)
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  7. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    Who knows... it might be frindly... as long as its sure it has the upper-hand

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  8. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    friendly to a capitalist is something they can make profit off(regardless of what it destroys or damages)
    friendly to a socialist is something that helps the community in some physical or emotional aspect

    "friendly" in terms of human assumptive process is deemed often to be a financial transaction of shared profit.

    thus the nature of what you mean is
    "transactional relationship"

    a friend is a subjective ethereal emotional term
    unrelated to transactionally defined absolute terms

    if you find it hard to relate those concepts
    think of the average american who defines themself as a capitalist
    everything must be user pays
    if there is no profit in it its a negative gain or classed as religion & assigned absolute moral power.

    i was ideally looking to keep the thread inside the basic physical nature of the concepts
    but happy to diverge into the more physical human paradigms of conceptual reality of ideological self design(or is that indoctrinated construction?[scratch liberal from that group])

    what would it look like ?
    alien colonization
    alien invasion
    etc ...
  9. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    I thank it will effectively be alien invasion.!!!
    Somptin that woud be much more enjoyable for earthlings woud be us "colonizing" some lesser evolved life-form.!!!
    Mars coud be the first example of that if thers any sort of life on mars.!!!
  10. Q-reeus Banned Valued Senior Member

    Posted in wrong subforum. Which is about real or alleged observed phenomena, not purely speculative 'what iffs'. Correct location imo either under Philosophy: Ethics, Morality & Justice, or Life: Free Thoughts. However since I made the suggestion, every chance it will be left here, or moved to a different location from above suggested.
  11. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    thanks for your comment
    it is quite a wide concept covering many aspects.
    human psychology of colonization
    unexplained phenomena
    real hard science data on UFO's & such like fringe phenomena etc

    i was not wanting people to turn it into a political debate around the ethics of extreme political ideology dualism's as personal bents on anthro-psyche

    no one posts on anthro-psyche on the whole
    the size of this subforum is considerable
    unexplained hard science phenomena is not a personal political ideological argument like many religious hard liners wish to turn it into.

    im deliberately & concisely placing this in the science area
    i dont go trying to tell them their religion is all a fake conspiracy in their places of discussion & i assume the same rules of participation should go in a science forum.

    try not to let yourself get hijacked into religious philosophy when you start talking aliens
    its the most common attempting manipulation by the religious hard liners
  12. Q-reeus Banned Valued Senior Member

    Right well it's all in the 'lap of the forum gods' so to speak. I note in passing that ancient Greece's gods exhibited all of the human foibles of their human creators.

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  13. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    Remember while referring to gods may be applicable for documenting alien reports through religious text.
    for example
    pictures showing what some claim to be UFO's documented repeatedly in biblical drawings & scripture...

    talking about religion is not this thread.

    if you wish to post some of your personal opinions around biblical UFO documentation please feel free
    if you can please include pictures/glass mosaics/religious pictures of UFO's or copy n paste text short sentences that refer to flying chariots etc.
  14. Q-reeus Banned Valued Senior Member

    Umm... UFOs as gods/chariots etc. not really my drift in #9. Von Daniken et al are the 'experts' there and I have no interest adding to or discussing that lore.
  15. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    where are you heading with your comment ?

    there is significant material on UFO's in the christian religious texts including the bible & other Religions including in the bible & other recognized religious texts

    UFO's being/as gods is sounding borderline trolling
  16. Q-reeus Banned Valued Senior Member

    I'm not interested in OP topic or this fork but you should consider getting back on track.
  17. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Since we don't currently have any examples of aliens, it's hard to say what they would do.

    We can take it as a given that any aliens who arrive at Earth will be technologically advanced. They will also have managed not to destroy themselves, at least, so maybe that increases the likelihood that they will be peaceful.

    It looks like intelligent life in the universe is rare, so maybe aliens will value the existence of intelligent life on Earth, even if it is technologically primitive compare to theirs.

    Presumably, advanced aliens would have no need to come to Earth for any resources. Similarly, there would seem to be little point in "conquering" Earth - there's plenty of empty real estate out there for interstellar travellers. So, they would be coming here for other reasons - to talk to us, or maybe just because we're here.

    Working out what they might do once they arrived is even more speculative. They might just study us from a safe distance. They might want to chat. They might want to experience the local culture. It's unlikely they'd settle for probing a few farmers and mutilating some cattle, and neither of those would be the most productive way to gather information, if that's what they're after.

    They might give us a hand up, by teaching us some science we don't know, and/or by giving us some technological hints. Or they might decide it's best to keep us quaranteed, until we're more mature, or something like that.

    On the other hand, this rosy picture might be completely wrong. Maybe the aliens would be a bunch of killer robots sent to wipe out all life on Earth, because the aliens turn out to be extremely xenophobic, or something. They are aliens. There's no guarantee they will think like we do.
  18. Dicart Registered Senior Member

    Not sure.
    You can invent and use a ship without knowing much about the physic behind.
    If you try to do things randomly like some animals do (the craw, the ape), you can acquired technology.
    Not even sure they need to be very clever.

    That sounds reasonable, but if they appeared like us from évolution as the superpredator of their world, it is likely too that they have some agressivity.
    We are kind with other species too if they look cool.

    It is also possible that the aliens who visited us 100 years ago are scared about the amazing progression of technology and the number of inhabitant of our specie.
    In science we dont try, we prefer theory before experience (and we learn by mistake, but this is an other story

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    I fully agree.
    They could come for other reason, perhaps to "reproduce"...
    If we try to understand what could be an interstellar specie who lived since millions of years, it is very likely, in my opinion, that it evolve...
    What is "the identity" of the specie in that case ?
    Hybridation with interesting species (like the man or the ape) could be a very clever behaviour to maintain themselves.
    (This is only possible if ADN is a general molecule that exists in all species of the Univers, of course)
  19. river

    Why not do this " colonization " back a hundred years ago when we were easier to take control of ? Life was simpler then . People were simpler then .
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2021
  20. Luchito Registered Senior Member

    When Spaniards reached the "new world", they found lots of "anomalies" to which they took immediate measures. One example is idolatry, the Spaniards obligated the subjected tribes to surrender their idols to be broken in pieces.

    Same as well, when they arrived to a town where the brother of the principal was dressed as a woman, same as his followers, the Spaniards kill them without thinking it twice. And the rest of that tribe asked them if they can do the same with others who also had adopted such "sexual orientation" in that place at exchange of giving them gold and becoming their allies.

    So, if allies just visit earth, they might don't do much but looking around as tourists, but if they come with purpose of conquest, then anything they find out of the parameters of nature in the species, then surely they will same as Spaniards.
  21. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    have you read the finer points of technical details of genuine incidents ?
    40 years before it was invented ...(what real probing is)

    side note anal probing
    have you read any of the finer details of experiencer detailed accounts word for word ?
    its quite interesting

    side note, if you wanted to know the health quality of a living animal a fecal sample would be considered mandatory.
    that said

    anal probing appears t be only reported by women who express sexual encounters
    and those are extremely rare & have dubious solid scope to their reports of specifics.

    if you were an advanced alien species & had spent a year or soo traveling to visit earth, what you may not have ready supply of is fresh nerves & receptors
    it may be considerably quicker to cut some out of animals than try and grow some assuming you can get some stem cells.

    being able to obtain living nerve cluster may be like humans ability to give blood transfusions as a form of first aid.

    xenoathrapology is a funny thing
    more so considering most humans are incapable of basic cross ethnic anthropology

    when we look at humans we see there is no rosy picture to reference this process in human history.

    Stalins great purge
    Chinas great purge
    Hitlers 3rd Rich (almost got the bomb imagine what the human race would look like now had that happened)

    The Roman Empire
    Ghengis Khan
    Alexander the great
    the Great crusades(muslims & christians)
    (imagine giving 1 of them the bomb)

    playing the paranoia movie plots around your comment
    maybe as long as humans look like they will wipe themselves out they wont interfere because they don't want humans to become a threat

    humans tend to have a basic modern difference between objective actions toward other life forms.
    they ideologically oppose sadism
    regardless of eating other animals as a normalised form of optional diet.

    that is not shared completely by all human cultures AND it is also not shared entirely by leaders and groups inside the more advanced cultures.
    yet it is seen as an objective preference.
    is that purely as a form of transference ? that subject is a little too big to dig into as a side issue i think.

    there is considerable science fiction story lines around such concepts
    it is very human to see ancient lost civilization technology that is used like magic
    while also being themed inside a religious mysticalism concept.
    this gives the technology even more power and in so gives the user divine right concepts of those being subjugated by the power.
    butt hats getting a bit technical and off topic.

    yet yes, one might probabilisticly speculate the higher frequency chance of a hijacked technology being stolen to escape and then turning up n earth many years later with barely enough knowledge to be able to operate the craft.

    that idea does play to the weaknesses in human empathy & ego though so its a highly volatile subjectivity principal of ethical logic.

    letting that toy dog run a little
    we see humans have normalized selective breeding which gives animals suffering, for humans personal amusement and entertainment
    that is normalized inside supposed pet circles where people define themselves as animal loving vegan symbiotic organisms(they are not obviously).

    a dead scientist cant invent a cure
    humans that survive to breed & then teach their children intellect skills & advanced thinking, have better survival outcomes.
    assuming they hold on to that violent kill ability to protect their intellect nurture & education process
    dead cultures cant continue being clever.

    8 billion humans is quite a large resource
    equally other living life forms
    most of the worlds gold is collected into easy to locate piles etc

    what we define as useful resources is not necessarily what they consider desired resources
    maybe some of them are drug dealers
    and they come to earth to collect illicit material and sell it to make their fortunes(easy to model human thoughts around such ideas).

    this has been shown in basic science to be a high potential, however
    if a species advanced sufficiently why would they not be able to grow their own variant DNA to then genetically farm and engineer to create the needed alternate variant ?

    is there a variation sequence that takes such a long time its quicker to come to earth and hook up with some people than wait 100 years for the mutation accelerate centrifuge to do its thing

    now that everyone in the world has a cell phone and will agree to any terms and conditions you post on facebook twitter pinterest instagram reddit yoboo(or what ever its called)
    the worlds population is much easier to control than it would be 100 years ago
    not to mention most of the world gets its food fro the same small locations

    the more toward globalization and mono crop megga corporations the humans go, the easier it will be to take control of them

    possibly why some of the traction among tin-foil-hatter anti-vaxers
    but thats a different subject(keep in mind soon the entire worlds population will be vaccinated for the same thing which will be a species 1st

    closer to global peace one might hope(picking flowers from the field of corpses)

    both American white Christians who used germ war fare to commit genocide on native American Indians
    and the Spaniards who may not have realized what they were doing
    one could argue the most likely eradication of the Aztecs

    was a plague of some virus or bacteria

    a bit grim to see the same mentality being preached by world leaders(only the rich vote for the dictator so they can afford to kill off the poor working class because that will only give them more power and ability to steal resources off the working class) with the covid pandemic
    but that again is a different thread subject.

    what would be conquest to them ?
    to wipe out all humans ?
    wipe out all ducks ?
    or pigs ?
    or monkeys ?

    maybe their ability to conquer doesn't require genocide of the species

    their nature might be parasitic
    just like the ideal version of a lot of humans
    getting other living creatures to do all the work and living off the work of others.
  22. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member


    Have you seen the footage of "UFO TEmple Mount, January 2011?"

    It is still available on youtube from about five completely different angles.
  23. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i have seen it before
    i went and had another look
    i notice there is another video
    showing some type of disk like object wobbling & spinning

    the light orb you refer to does not not have any specific ability to be validated as authentic
    there appears to be only 1 video which has been re produced with different editing for different news channels

    remote devises with no living creature inside is not colonization

    statistical probability places this as a hoax designed to create media attention
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