Why did Bin Laden turn to hit america

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Sky, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. Sky

    Sky Registered Senior Member

    Well he was an american agent to fight the russians

    America gave him tools and financial motivation to fight USSR

    he gave his army religious motivations to fight with him

    but what motivations made him turn to america and the west ??

    If he is the islam sword , would in it be more at the point that he fights israel or continue fighting russia , as in muslims eyes they occupy thier lands and kill their children in palestine and cheshnia ,

    conclusion he is not fighting to protect the muslims , does he just want to kill people so he goes to heaven ???

    Or is the terrorists network large enough now that they want to kill every other religion on the planet ??
  2. vslayer

    vslayer Registered Senior Member

    he is not trying to eleminate religion, he is doing what no-one else had the balls to do, and say: fuck you america, you screwed me now i screw you.

    it is not about religion, him and his followers want freedom not death
  3. Sky

    Sky Registered Senior Member

    Dear i am not sure how this convince u

    but if u pay me to murder X and after i am done with him i turn to kill your children , i do not see any freedom in that
  4. kazakhan

    kazakhan Registered Abuser

    Americas foreign policies...
  5. nirakar

    nirakar ( i ^ i )

    America, home of Britney Spears, Baywatch, grab your crotch and dangle your baby out the window Michael Jackson, and sicko Howard Stern, land where one out of three marriages end in divorce,

    America home of multinational corporations that corrupt all of the worlds politicians,

    America that props up decadent despots in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Kuwait,

    America who's foreign policy hardliners lust to dominate the world because they can,

    America that has no mercy for third world Civilians who get caught in the crossfire,

    Bin Laden knows about the CIA connected drug trafficking rings,

    America that talks about freedom and democracy while it topples democracies,

    America that props up Israel which is slowly ethnically cleansing Muslims and America ignores UN resolutions whenever they don't like the resolution,

    America that encouraged Kurds and Shiites to revolt repeatedly and the abandoned them repeatedly,

    America that promotes the Clash of civilizations theory even though it is sick stupid theory,

    If we were not us, we would rebel against us also.

    I think Bin Laden actually hates the Saudi Royal family more than he hates people like Bush or anything else. In about 1920 the Saudi Royal family led a movement that took control of Saudi Arabia in the name of Islamic fundamentalism but most people now consider the Saudi Royal family to be immoral parasites and the ultimate hypocrites. Bin Laden overestimates the role that America plays in propping up the Royal family and thinks he must push America out of the Middle east as a first step to toppling the Saudi Royal family.
  6. one_raven

    one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper

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  7. Sky

    Sky Registered Senior Member

    Thanks for that

    but that declaration " " is what Mr Ladin can use to convince his followers to fight america , and do suicide operations and go to heaven , but there is a question

    Is this the same motivation for Mr Ladin himself to start the war ??

    because americans humiliate muslims !!!
  8. M-16

    M-16 Registered Militant

    Its not that he turned agaisnt the U.S. The U.S. turned agaisnt him when he let them know that he wanted to expand his goals to liberating other occupied countries.

    So i guess the U.S. made up Al'Qaeda to make him look bad and make his goals impossible.
  9. Sky

    Sky Registered Senior Member

    but why would he care to liberate other countries
  10. M-16

    M-16 Registered Militant

    Because he is a Muslim and it is the duty of every Muslim to fight for the oppressed and for the occupied.
  11. Sky

    Sky Registered Senior Member

    and why did not he think this way when he used to get support from america when fighting USSR or does values change with situations ?
  12. Sky

    Sky Registered Senior Member

  13. M-16

    M-16 Registered Militant

    Oh i misunderstood your question, i guess he thought that the U.S was also going to help him fight other countries or just used the U.S to fight off the Soviets.
  14. towards

    towards Relax...head towards the light

    "Because he is a Muslim and it is the duty of every Muslim to fight for the oppressed and for the occupied", M-16

    I guess if you consider living under a tyranical religious autocracy like the Taliban a postive thing, then he wants to "liberate" the middle east.

    I think his primary motivation has less to do with U.S. policy, and more to do with his attempt to drive a wedge between Saudi Arabia and America. He knows it would be much more difficult for the House of Saud to survive without American oil money, and his goal is basically revenge. He also would prefer to set up a goverment in his home country based on strict Wahhabism, so that his nation can live under a 12th century form of government. The ludicrous thing about this is that his family gained all of their money due to their connection and support of the House of Saud, so the hipocracy is certainly running strong.

    Finally I think one of his primary motivations is the fact that he simply likes to play the "game", not unlike many homicidal serial killers enjoy doing. The unfortunate thing is this murderer has gained religious legitimacy, when in reality he just likes to kill.
  15. Sky

    Sky Registered Senior Member

    i think also he just go used to his job , but when the Russians were gone he had to find another customer " "

    the USA , and then as he found the supply of people willing to help him " " on the increase he decided to expand the business

    From a business man point of view he has everything

    1. financial support , i am sure many many donators around the world
    2. human resources
    3. Customers , just living their lives

    Bingo market with no other supplier
  16. milkweed

    milkweed Valued Senior Member

    Here is a pbs bio on bin laden you may find interesting.
  17. M-16

    M-16 Registered Militant

    So basicly according to you...hes not fighting for other people hes just a killer who wants to drive a wedge between Saudi Arabia and America because he hates the America.

  18. towards

    towards Relax...head towards the light

    "hes not fighting for other people hes just a killer who wants to drive a wedge between Saudi Arabia and America because he hates the America", M-16

    No, he actually hates the Saudi Arabian government considerably more, and is looking to send his country back to the dark ages. A "freedom fighter" would not target thousands of civilians, when there are so many other possibilities that could have damaged his government. The man was looking for revenge, and was looking to kill as many people as possible. This is not a rational man's thinking.
  19. M-16

    M-16 Registered Militant

    Towards, there are people who don't believe that hes behind those attacks, they are bright enough to understand that terrorist acts are done in his name to put blame on him.
  20. towards

    towards Relax...head towards the light

    "Towards, there are people who don't believe that hes behind those attacks", M-16

    Then they are denying a plethora of evidence, including an easily followed trail of cash that can be traced right back to Osama. Every major news network reports this as true, every responsible government knows it to be true. One cannot help the ignorant. Do I question that there is a city of Paris in France and I have not seen it with my own eyes? No, I know its there, just as I know Osama is a murderer.

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