Why something instead of nothing?

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Saint, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    In a singularity everything is at the same 0-dimensional point, where there is no space and no time, in a conjectured superposition of symmetry, which we might regard as ‘less than’ the existence of space, time, and particles, but it is still something, never-the-less, although it seems less, as even a near nothing, but not a nothing at all, as it’s still something, which is a huge difference.

    Existence requires space and time, which formed as spacetime at the beginning of the universe, and therefore they, being existence, seem to have had to come from a lessor existence, but, not really, for they were still inherent therein.

    So we have, philosophically and logically, and partially by Big Bang and other science, that something is the only option, always there, but we have only touched on the mechanics involved.

    ‘ct’ seems to translate ‘time’ into a spacetime distance, as a 4D difference of 3D spaces (plural intended) ? And spaces seem to be a difference or interval of time, as d/c. Comments?

    (It took 4 posts. Done.)
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  3. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    The Stuff Forever that could no longer contain itself as a singularity, changing its form and ‘banging’ into a universe, obviously met a constraint that was being built up to in its wave form—since matter and spacetime came after the ‘bang’, as a low probability, but guaranteed (eventually), event, so we can go on to conjecture about the only possible wave state of the Forever Something as the how and why of the ‘bang’, as well as the ‘what’ of the waves. Yes, it is a tall order, but we know that it could only do what it did, since all action is only from itself, there being no external directives possible for what is itself causeless.
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  5. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    The Stuff Forever wave has been all worked out, but I have to wait for UniversalDistress to post his paper, so he can get all the credit, as his ‘forever’ idea preceded, in ‘hints’.

    Meanwhile… some foundations, and some higher effects, which are necessary to go through in any case.
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  7. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    On diversity and ‘emergence’…

    The origin of diversity is undiversified, unstructured ‘prime’ matter and energy. Whatever it is, it is the fundamental building block or blocks from which all matter as we know it is formed. The particles of matter combine and come apart and the product particles continue the process. Most combinations that we know contain less energy than their components because they lost energy in combining. Therefore they need to get energy back to come apart. For that reason they are relatively stable combinations, and their stability is why they are yet present to us.

    These particles, by virtue of existing as matter with energy, are in motion. Collisions occur. Some collisions result in combining of the particles. Some of the consequent combinations are stable and unlikely to come apart. That is the first step of diversification. Now the process continues except that an additional type particle, the double particle just formed at the first step, is involved and available to participate in combinations. Thus more varied combinations can occur. Further new types are produced and diversity expands ever increasingly more rapidly as more types participate in making new combinations, making further new participant types.

    It occurs unavoidably if matter and energy are present.

    It is the simplest case, the fundamental form of changes in quantity yielding changes in quality, type, kind, as in the Periodic Table of the Elements.

    The rate of diversification and the potential variety increase rapidly as each new variation occurs, as shown in the mathematics of combinations.

    It is a process that generates the elements, the molecules, the substances, the chemistry, geology, biology of the universe as we know it. The mechanisms vary but evolutions do occur, as they are built up on underlying evolutions at progressively simpler levels, involving existing types interacting with each other unavoidably, where changes in combinations and quantities produce new types, which new types increase the options available for further new types, this often being called ‘emergence’.

    Diversity is the inevitable result when ‘prime’ matter and energy exist‚ as diversity from potential. No master plan containing it all in final form is needed; only the beginning is needed and the rest will follow. The specific details of the result are a matter of circumstance but the potential is existential.
  8. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    The View…

    We stand on Sol’s third planet, looking for the eternal something, whose essence must persist all around us within its materialized forms, for the ‘something’ is unmakeable and unbreakable, yet changeable, its multiplicity having to ever be true to itself, carrying on. Before this realization, we thought to poke around in the giant haystack of the universe, to find the needle, and we did find a few things out, but the pinhead of the singularity wasn’t there anymore in the form it had been, if it even had been as such. Perhaps, rather, it was as large as the universe.

    There is much that we do understand, high and low, and near and far, so now we aim for the ultimate source, but we always did, anyway. We looked to the sun, it filling our eyes with spots, and finding a nuclear furnace. Stars had breathed life into us. All is as it had to be, for it became and is here, as workable, and so there is a relation among all things.

    So we add logic to our science, to clear away the haystack that clutters our view, and wonder, “What is it that everything in the universe has in common in its diversified forms?”

    Eventually it hits us: waves. Everything has waves, from violins to oceans to particles. The eternal something is a wave—an oscillation. In one fell swoop we have more than narrowed the field. It is the field. No longer having to be blinded by looking at the sun, we bask in the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind of logic ever leading the way. We are past what we want it to be, freed of our being part of it as what can get in the way. We will need to use math to refine the wave, guided by logic, and so now we are using guides as dependable and eternal as that which we seek.

    The eternal something of the wave’s characteristics will turn out to be only what it can be, as it has no external directives. It is the default condition. All the other options to what it could be will melt away, as impossible, leaving but one option, that of how it is, and why. The size/amount of the universe will be inherent in it, as, too, it can only be what it is. There will be no more puzzlement about why it wasn’t more or why it wasn’t less. We will find its only and exact changing point of materialization, for there can be no other. Energy will be conserved, for it cannot be any other way. The ‘elementary’ forces will be unified. The eternal something, in its materialized form, is in plain view, and we are in it, and of it: it is the entire haystack, and the needle is everywhere.

    We, too, must do as we must, although that can change from learning, to a new ‘must’, but at least one based on a wider range of information, At first, we may not like this state of affairs, but then the other shoe drops, for the alternative (that isn't) would be to have our thoughts and actions not depend on anything at all, and so then we come more to ‘like’ how it really is, although only in that that’s how it has to be. The determinism inherent in the states beneath doesn't carry on up into the felt states of being. Introspection doesn't reveal it. We only know of it from the externals of science. Relying only on internals for knowledge has its limits.

    There is still the puzzle of how cause and effect not applying to Something Forever itself is, well, not from anything, which is as to say from nothing, but the answer will have to fall out of our derivation of the wave’s nature. It is guaranteed to.
  9. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    The ‘needle’ knits the fabric of the universe with the thread of the wave. We are on our way. Logic guides us, math provides, and the ‘default condition’ waves us on.

    There is one last step we need to take to improve our view of the universe for what we are working on (waves), and that is to visualize it as it really is, untranslated by our senses on into the brain, and which will serve to mostly remove us from ourselves, at least the part that could get in the way.

    Since we only really ‘see’ the insides of our heads, the re-presented internal ‘reality’ is but second-hand, although a useful (and often somewhat better) face has been painted upon onto the external reality that we never contact directly (the senses do, but we do not see this jumble of fields directly).

    So, you might be seeing a red tomato sitting on a green or bluish counter in your kitchen, or in your imagination, as a fainter image of the same, or you might see or imagine the solar system, it having a sun, moon, and planets.

    We are now going to try to look, imagine, and visualize how reality really is, out there, not in here. First, note that the red of the tomato and the blue of the counter are differing wavelengths of the visual portion of the e/m wave spectrum, which through the eye and the visual systems of the brain are re-presented in the brain as ‘red’ and ‘blue’.

    So, look at the tomato on the counter again, but render them as waves, as they really are, out there, the waves being more concentrated where the objects are. Then do this for the entire universe. And that’s what we’ll be working with. You can extend this technique to the other senses, too, such as visualizing the waves of air-vibrations that are to become the ‘sounds’ in your ears, or, as ‘taste’ or ‘smell’, molecules arriving, which in turn, are clumps of waves. Even what is re-presented in the brain as light is really, out there, but a lot of photons (waves).

    So, we see that while ‘red’ and ‘blue’ look different because their wave frequencies differ, they are both waves at heart, and not such totally separate things after all.
  10. SSDS Banned Banned

    Here aren’t problems. Since in reality there isn’t anything besides the absolutely fundamental Set “Information”; all/ everything is/ are some informational structures – including Matter, Alive, Consciousness. The last three constitute our Universe, as some subsets of the Set.
    When – the Set – as well any Its subset, in certain sense, - exists always, “absolutely long time” since It isn’t capable to be non-existent…

    More – see http://arxiv.org/abs/1004.3712 (The information as absolute). Besides it may be possibly useful
    http://arxiv.org/abs/1110.0003 (Space and Time)

  11. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

  12. absolutely Registered Member

    bc nothing is smthg constant and constant is objective existence as positive fact

    which revealed surely that nothing is constant bc smthg higher always exist beyond free, how freedom is true superiority or superior truth while constant is just the effect of truth so not really the truth

    cmon say better
  13. Hertz Hz Registered Senior Member

    Posted by Nasor:"unless you are ready to claim that zero is not a number..."

    We borrowed our numbering system from the Arabs, who already had zero. Our Roman Numerals were without such a symbol or representation.

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