Zero Dimension

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Mickmeister, May 17, 2007.

  1. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

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  3. Vkothii Banned Banned

    A small cavity (quantum well) is a zero-dimensional space for an electron, it can't "wiggle" because there's no room. A quantum dot is a small blob of atoms (a few hundred), with similar dimensional constraints. They don't function as transistors, but as quantum logic gates.

    Planar transistors were the first devices to constrain the 3-d motion of electrons (to 2 dimensions).
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  5. QuarkHead Remedial Math Student Valued Senior Member

    Well, I've been biting my tongue over this one, but the urge overcame me! Sorry for the pedantry, but here goes, for better or worse.

    The term " dimension" is entirely dependent upon what space you are working in. I will give a couple of everyday examples.

    Consider first the surface of Earth. Every point here can be precisely located by reference to 2, and only 2, coordinates; latitude and longitude. Mathematicians (bless them) call this a 2-sphere for this reason.

    But we can also think of our 2-sphere (it need not be Earth) as "embedded" in some higher dimensional space. That is, if we ignore time as a dimension, we will find we can also locate a point on our 2-sphere by reference to the 3 coordinates of the embedding space. And if we include time, then, there are 4 coordinates to consider for each point on our 2-sphere.

    Here's another example, with, I fear, just a little arithmetic. Consider a billiard ball on a billiard table. Strike it it with the cue, as you do. So let's see what we need here. The time-independent position of the ball is given by the 2 coordinates of the table. Suppose I give the ball some spin (Americans call this "English" I believe - why?). Two more coordinates for rotation.

    We also have to consider the linear speed of the ball, another 2 coordinates. But none of these variables is independent, so I will end up with \(2^3 = 8\) "dimensions" in a space laughingly known as "phase space".

    So what have we got? A chalk mark on the ball, easily describable by 2 coordinates, the fact that, without doubt, my game takes place in 4-dimensional spacetime, and the dynamical behaviour of the ball described by 8-dimensional phase space.

    See? It ain't that easy!
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  7. MetaKron Registered Senior Member

    A singular topic...
  8. Vkothii Banned Banned

    Well, that's something I think I know the answer to.
    It's called 'english' because billiards was invented in England, back in Henry VIII's day, ivory balls, slate tables, felt cushions and all (they hadn't come across rubber back then), and billiards is the grandaddy of snooker and pool.
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  9. EmmZ It's an animal thing Registered Senior Member

    So, please forgive me if this is an inane question, this "zero dimension" is more of a place holder than an actual dimension? I find the concept of zero quite fascinating.
  10. ntek Registered Member

    if 0=1 then 666=777
  11. thinking Banned Banned

    zero dimension to me is just a form of communication , mathematically

    otherwise it makes no reasonable or logical sense really

    think about it , zero-dimension....

    it has no ability to manifest into any form

    or how does zero-dimension transform into just 1 dimension let alone , 2-3 dimensions
  12. alpert555 Registered Member

    Shrooms, Like LSD

    The active ingredient in the amanita muscaria mushroom is muscarine. Our "muscarinic" nervous system is named after it, for, just by just physical stimulation of the muscarinic nervous system you get the same effect as with muscarine.

    The stimulation of the muscarinic nervous system overrides inhibitory neurons in the brain. LSD arrives at the same result by blocking those same inhibitory neurons in the brain.

    This stimulation has been called "kundalini", and plexuses of the muscarinic nervous system have been called "chakras". The parasympathetic nervous system is composed of muscarinic neurons.

    The chakras aren't spiritual wheels of light on the spine. Such cover ups against the public have been used in an attempt to keep this knowledge secret, for, it is the supreme secret of every mystical secret society and priestcraft.

    Crucifixion causes such extreme muscarinic nervous system stimulation that the victim is sent to the most extreme state of organic psychosis, called perinatal matrix three in holotropic dot comm.

    Being a matter of superstition, this knowledge was actually out in the open, public, behind the old Iron Curtain, where, at least, organized superstition did not rule.

    The disease of having scar tissue, like from injury, in the parasympathetic nervous system causing an "organic psychosis", was called "shamans' disease" behind the old Iron Curtain.

    But, in the superstitious West people unfortunate enough to have scar tissue in their parasympathetic nervous system from accidental injury were locked up in the mental hospital gulags for "schizophrenia".

    Which ever way the "unauthorized" (real witches) got their muscarinic nervous systems activated, the establishment of superstition locked them up, and used electric shock treatments in an attempt to erase their memories of the secret.

    This inquisition is live and well today as suspects are apprehended, confessions tortured out of them, and they are stoned to death for "blowing on knots", under Islamic governments.

    Simply, today in America, the superstitious fascist system just black balls real witches, and throws them out into the streets to die miserable deaths of homelessness.

    It is obvious that when everybody knows, there will then be no secret. It is advisable to spread this knowledge for now You know too much. Let everybody know too much, THEY can't get everybody.
  13. mwfleming2012 Registered Member

    What if zero dimension is consciousness and once it is free of the physical body that influences it the self becomes one with all that exists without desire or need and is aware of all that exists, yet it means nothing?
  14. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Er, right.
    /backs away slowly, not making eye contact...
  15. mwfleming2012 Registered Member

    Yes please, back away. Reading your rants in the 'Religion Will Die' thread you seem to have no more knowledge of this than the futility of religion. Even science is rewritten with further knowledge.
  16. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Oh my, someone else who's clueless.
    Never mind.
  17. mwfleming2012 Registered Member

    Enlighten me on this topic of zero dimension Dwwyddyr. I am here to learn. Odd that your only post on the topic was after my posting? Destiny?
  18. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

  19. mwfleming2012 Registered Member

    A clear definition of Zero Dimension

    Ok, you have certainly made comment on this assumed relationship of consciousness and dimension. In my readings and understanding, the 1st Dimension is simply a line, not defined as L/W/H. My question concerns the Zero Dimension. My experiences are purely empirical. I am not seeking validation but rather an attempt to understand this ZD as defined by science. Again, my readings have led me to this. With all that is written on the topic there seems no clear answer, unless of course one chooses a favorite or acknowledged theorist and follow that. But then that would be like religion in that most of the current Judeo-Christian beliefs ride on an interpretation of a favorite verse, perhaps due to the fact that the volume makes little sense.
  20. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Correct: 1 D is a straight line.

    Pardon? You're claiming you have experience of 0 D?

    Zero dimension is a point.

    It depends. On whether you reaqd cranks or scientists/ mathematicians.

    What "volume"? Zero D is a point.
  21. mwfleming2012 Registered Member

    This is established and I am in total agreement that a point has no volume.

    So if you got this far; :shrug:
  22. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    So how does a point relate to consciousness?
    Or suggest that consciousness can become "free of the physical body"?
    Or that if it can do so it will "become one with all that exists without desire or need and [be] aware of all that exists"?
  23. mwfleming2012 Registered Member

    A point has no relationship to consciousness. It is simply a point. Unless of course you are conscious of the point and its nothingness and then you are aware of nothing.

    A history of my experiences would be inconsequential to this so let me simply say that in each NDE and the one OBE experienced the awareness of the physical body was evident. Yet there was no anxiety. I can only reference it as a most permeating calm. Time, distance, nothing in human capacity that we concern ourselves with was there. I can only reference that as the conscious. The Hindu and Buddhists refer to it as the 'self'. It is that referencing and my interpretation of those studies that have put me on this path.

    At this juncture there is little to accomplish here. To further define Zero Dimension was a goal in joining this forum but the religion thread was most entertaining. Now that is argument! Arguing of that which exists only in the mind of humanity. Not only that, but something so deeply ingrained in most every human act or thought that there is a legitimacy lended to it by the fear that perpetrates it. It has even atrophied scientific advancement in many areas, though becoming less dominate today, which would lead to that topic of its eventual demise. But I have some certainty that human tenure here will end before that. Even if we leave this planet, the odds of finding another that has the same environment and the same time constraints in it position around its star, we would then evolve, providing we survive, to something else entirely to fit the natural environment of that place that we would no longer be human.

    An article, On Human Time on, is so juvenile. "Earth's rotation is baked into our biology. But humans may be the first of Earth's species to conceive of events beyond our lifetimes. And to wonder: Does time move like an arrow?" Since time takes up no space, except in human terms, is it to a point? I contend that we are the only creatures in the universe who so closely track time and allow it to control us (Fortunately there are those who manage quite well outside those restrictions.). We are the only type of being that could have evolved in this tiny space in the universe and have so little understanding of the space we occupy, much less of all else that is out there. But that it must be met on human terms is the problem. We are quite limited due to our humanity. That is the other problem. We don't accept those limitations because we feel that the great one in the sky has put us here for some other purpose and deify ourselves in the process.

    To be a part of the all and the nothing. That is what I have come to understand. Through that is recognised the futility of man.

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