a koan for truthseeker


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If anyone has a koan, give it to me... I Love trying to decode those things.

Okay heres one:

A monk in all seriousness asked Jozhu, "Does a dog have buddha nature?"

Jozhu: "Mu" (or wu in chinese which may make more sense)
Koan: A seemingly paradoxical riddle or statement that is used as a training device in Zen practice to force the mind to abandon logic and dualistic thought.
And didn't Truthseeker... go.

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Guess he found it and left :)

Mmm lets see, if the mu koan is given and theres no one around to hear it ... :D :D :D
m0rl0ck said:
Guess he found it and left
Yes! :D

No, not really...! :D

I don't remember any koans, but if I remember one I will post it.

Hello...! Is anyone left here....!?
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A koan for TruthSeeker:

Holy smokes! There is a foot in his shoe!

Well, you wanted a koan ... for TruthSeeker.
What is your original face before you were born?

Not all koans are a simple question:

"Before I grasped Zen, the mountains were nothing but mountains and the rivers were nothing but rivers. When I got into Zen, the mountains were no longer mountains and the rivers were no longer rivers. But when I understood Zen, the mountains were only mountains and the rivers only rivers."

One day in the monastery of Nan Chuan the monks of the ease and west wing had a dispute over the possession of a cat. They all came to Nan Chuan for arbitration. Holding a knife in one hand and the cat in the other, Nan Chuan said, ‘If any of you can say the right thing, this cat will be saved; otherwise it will be cut into two pieces!’ None of the monks could say anything, so Nan Chuan then killed the cat. In the evening, when Chao Chou returned to the monastery, Nan Chuan asked him what he would have said had he been there at the time. Chao Chou took off his straw sandals, put them on his head, and walked out. Whereupon Nan Chuan commented, ‘Oh, if you had only been here, the cat would have been saved!’

A special transmission outside the scriptures;
Depending not on words and letters;
Pointing directly to the human mind;
Seeing into one's nature, one becomes a Buddha.