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This thread contains action notes pertaining to the History subforum. Included are post edits and deletions, thread deletions and transfers, and other major actions undertaken by the moderators. Warnings and suspensions may be noted, though not necessarily by name.

Spam thread deletions will not be included in this record.

The thread serves as a record for the membership to observe. It is closed to comment; any inquiries or criticism should be directed to the acting authority via Private Message. The administration may, on occasion, override the moderator, but the reverse simply does not happen. If an action is taken by a higher authority, the lower authority cannot directly override that decision.
Post deletion

• " Biological warfare in North Korea?" — One post deleted for insults.

Note: Just because I'm curious, why is it that some of the most insulting people are also the least literate? That is, it is apparently too bothersome to spell one's insults correctly. So how about this: Skip it, or we'll help you skip it.

Easy enough?

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