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• "NFL: MNF Becomes Political Football" — Merge two posts.

Notes: They were my own; I've been posting consecutively a lot lately, but I can't help that when hours pass. These, however, were short posts, and only about ten minutes apart, which is exactly what we try to avoid.
Closure and Redirect

"This might be a stupid question..." — Closed and redirected to Cesspool.

Note: It is often said that there are no stupid questions, but only stupid people. This is insufficient. Yes, it was a stupid question.
Closure and a Note on Plagiarism

USA wages war more often than just annually — Thread closed for topic post plagiarism.

Note: We're already cutting more breaks on plagiarism and other reference and citation violations than we should. So let us be clear: Plagiarism is one thing that can get us all into a legal nightmare. True, given the blogosphere we ought not worry so much, but the actual standard we have, while insufficient to genuinely cover ourselves, is still too much to ask of people. And this is problematic. Our basic standard is author and, when available, link.

I must reiterate the importance of that standard.

And there is a reason we have to make up a yellow card if we want to throw it for plagiarism: The only way to get a plagiarism violation in the system right now is through red-card.

Which means we're supposed to be suspending people for plagiarism.

Author and, when available, link.

Easy enough?


Thank you.
Closure and Redirect

"Endless War" — Thread closed, redirected to Cesspool.

Note: Deliberate misrepresentation of sources is absolutely unacceptable.
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"Oh! What A Lovely War!" — Thread closed and transferred to Cesspool for misrepresentation of sources in topic post.

Note: Members need to understand that misrepresentation of sources is simply unacceptable.
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"2016 Fun: The Worst Ticket" — Four posts splintered and filed in Cesspool for being off topic.

Note: There are a number of notes that might go here, but this is the thing: It wasn't even a useful change of subject. No, really. Ask about the 2016 election, and people change the subject to 2014 because, you know, Obama. That extraordinary degree of stupidity really is unacceptable. People need to use their brains. Being rude is one thing. And, you know, in political discussion, rudeness happens. But this? head ... vs ... wall.
Closure and Redirect

"Hillary Clinton, the next POTUS" ― Thread closed, removed to Cesspool.

Notes: Ranting, paranoid tinfoil is pretty common around here despite its general lack of factual or argumentative merit. However, specifically lying in order to support that parnoid, tinfoil rant, remains unacceptable.
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"Give 'em Hell Hillary!"↱ ― Redundant thread merged in, all of a topic post.

Note: This was my own gaffe; the moral of the story is to always pay attention to the thread list, and then you won't do silly things like I did, starting another thread when there was a perfectly good discussion of the subject already underway.
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