AGAIN: Tao Te Ching

I think that the universe would have no meaning if it weren't observed, as the act of observation is how meaning is created. Meaning is the context I, both separated from and one with tao simultaneously, but resolves to either dependent on perspective, like the resolution of the position of an electron resolves when observed. Rationality requires we recognize the relationship of self to the tao, and wisdom requires we recognize that is all connected by function. Reality is necessarily a flawless execution of possibility collapsing into history. That's where I see "connectedness", in that all IS as must be by its history. We're bound in isness.

So yeah, I basically agree with you but our perspectives are slightly different. "conceptual semantics"

Hmmm. I have a feeling I'm all confused but can't see exactly why.
indeed, we share experience, our physical bodies, the realm in which manifestation is permitted, and the realm in which we manifest thought. no matter how much separation is assumed, even the separation is what we share, every difference you can come up with, every characteristic is shared within a system that recognizes them
From some of these posts it sounds like "The Tao" is the same as "The Force" from STAR WARS.
I think it is an easy assumption to say the Tao was inspiration for the concept of The Force. There had to be some inspitiration, after all, there are no new ideas, just new slants.