Any Words on Isha Yoga?

Isha Yoga Cult

I would like to share my observations of an aquaintance who is deeply involved in ISHA. The underlying person was not mentally strong to begin with and started out trying to "heal" themself. As time went on, they became more and more drawn in and started "volunteering" to recruit members. They recently quit their job, gave away all belongings, and moved to india spending their 401K. This person has become dilusional and believes the leader will provide for them for the rest of their life. They do not eat garlic or onions believing them to be evil. They worship a picture of the leader and refer to the cults top people as "diciples". They once mentioned hearing that some of the other guru's have a reputation for having sex with some of their female followers. This person is also talking about buying a "condo" within isha for some $60,000 that allows you a place to live with "free" meals for life.

In summary, the whole thing appears to be a cult and it's shamefull to be preying on weak minded individuals for what appears to be personal gain. The process appears to be one of slowly drawing people further and further in until they sound and act like zombies. If this ISHA thing isn't a cult, I don't know what is...
Can we ask better questions?

I thought the initial question posed in this thread was a good one, wanting to know more about the organization and its programs.

Then, like most other discussions about group programs, it degenerated into a lively but ultimately pointless debate about whether Isha is a cult. Those who think it is continue to do so, and those who object never change their minds either.

I think we can ask better questions about these organizations to determine whether or not we want to become involved with them. e.g. "Can I trust the organization?" "How are the teachers trained?" "Is the program difficult?" "What are the benefits?" etc.

If you're interested, I've reviewed a few of Isha's programs and can send a link. I am not an Isha zealot and have done a lot of different work. I'm in favor of progressing this type of conversation so that people can identify the programs that are right for them instead of asking if everything is a cult.
Life after Isha

For those who do their practises and in constant touch with the ashram would feel its the heaven on earth.... To an extent its a wonderful place to be.
The moment I noticed that people are so involved , taking brahmacharya or leaving their homes, its not really that scary as this country had a history of many such people who were into true spiritual path,though not so much of money involved. Onething I would like to say is people should question and ask something if its not ok or wrong..... even with Isha Yoga or for that matter anyother orrganisation is not exceptional, mistakes are bound to happen everywhere..But are they (the organisations) open to listen and correct themselves.

But they cant be compared to monks like Vivekananda.

But, I have a question here for Isha - Does any of you from Isha(not meditators, core members from Ashram) have the guts to talk frankly and openly , not abt any nonsense ???
I agree that the practises bring tremendous change in ones life. Does that mean that ISHA can do anything or whatever they do or say is right ??

They talk abt responsibilty in the initial days.. Is ISHA responsible for the people who lost their career and family and now looking at the sky for their livelyhood. Many of them often ask the question - " When are you coming here" .... "When are you leaving your job" ... Those who are drawn slowly into the organization, fall prey for this , leave job and home.
Everything is fine, until you are thrown away from there oneday or asked to leave the place , either due to your mistake or Organization politics....
Those who have a good family background, will be taken care of. Think abt others ... and now ISHA IS NO MORE RESPONSIBLE ... If at all they were little responsible, will they permit a student to quit their studies ,guide to leave job and home ?

One more terrible thing is ...... if you talk with few people(not all associated with ISHA) whom u know earlier, would have changed in their mindset...
They cant smile at their old friends( Isha please guide ur people properly) but they can do so only with people who have a likely mindset with regard to Isha. I know wonderful people who are associated with the organization which doesnt mean everyone overthere are ok.... Many have some kind of stress or immaturity. The kind of grace our gurus had , even while they talk, the openness is really missing with the people associated. You can see many of them smile and talk polishly but that doesnt mean with an open mind and pure heart. They back stab a lot.
If you get a chance to discuss with them, especially youngsters who stay there in Coimbatore ashram, though they are devoted, they forgot or ignore the values or effort of their families to shape them up. Few easily say they gave birth to us, brought us up thats it ..... but we find happiness only here ....

You are not mature enough when u hav such thoughts. and Isha just making use of u as tools, the tools will be happy and work and need not think. If everything goes well till end, nothing to worry else think of ur situation.
When you talk, please think and talk ... Afterall Isha is not the world. ISHA is only part of the world.

Dont hurt the feelings of someone whom u know longer , a wellwisher of u (wherever u are) that easily. ISHA can and will withdraw support bcos u r just a tool, but not ur family and wellwishers. As ISHA says," A volunteer or inmate is one among thousands. " They cant worry too much about you .... They are ready to back stab you if you dont agree with them anytime and start protesting anything over there. This happened to one of my friend's family. Any meditator or volunteer will not understand this until they start experiencing anything personally. You will never get to know all these in the initial days.

If many start sharing their experience of association with family after ISHA, I guess there would be hundreds...... Please be self and strong before getting involved in anything you like. Dont allow others ideology rule you too much, its really not a good sign and you start talking their words instead of yours.
I have started taking ISHA courses in 2006. By now I have done all the courses they offer. They were highly beneficial to me.
I have volunteered in the ashram and here in London and I can tell you that I am still with my family and still in my job and still in good relation with ISHA.

you can do ISHA practices without leaving your life, there is no one that forces you to go to the ashram.

yes some people ask you ''when are you coming here?'' and ''leave your job'', but these people are talking out of their experience, since apparently they found what they are looking for in the ashram and they think this might work for you too. but these are a couple of people here and there. this is not the policy of the ashram or ISHA.

yes the courses cost money, because it cost money to rent a hall and to buy the food for the course.
these are not free courses, these are like any other courses you take, they cost money and you have to pay your fee.

don't judge an organization based on what people say about it, go try it yourself if you are interested.

Hello every one!

We as human being with the help of our intelligence and knowledge cannot understand the treasure of our innerself. If your culture has taught you that there is GOD, an almighty above all power, have you personally experienced it? You have jus been following what your parents and your tradition have told you all these days, you have not experienced or seen HIM. Do you apply your knowledge and realise GOD? When people are in deep stress and trouble you might have seen them crying in search of some miracle to help them pass through the hurdle. Do you apply your knowledge by testing if there is a miracle to happen? you jus pray with your full heart that it should happen and seek GOD to help you pass the situation without thinking how GOD is going to help you using your knowledge.

ISHA cannot be understood with your knowledge! You must have the thurst to experience who you are? what is your identity? why are you born? What is your strength within? What is esctacy? Are you just this Flesh or something beyond! As the other person quoted above, ISHA does not want all of them to get dissolved with them, leave their jobs and identity, families and come to ISHA. ISHA helps you to identify your innerself, the immense and intense power within you( am not talking about the physical strength), and helps you to lead a better life. So long each one of us have been enjoying life through some external activies like making good money, marrying a beautiful partner, watching a movie, listening to a good music, buying best clothes, buying property, eating a tasty food, etc., ISHA will help you to derive esctacy(not mere happiness) by jus doing very simple things like drinking a glass of water, taking a bath, walking through the streets or jus gazzing at a rock!

I don't intend to make the readers belive my words, as no one can explain what is ISHA or who is SATHGURU until they discover, explore and experience it. I have been associated with ISHA from 2004 and i pratice all that is taught by HIM. I could only say that people around at this time are so fortunate to have a Teacher "GURU" like SATHGURU to show them the right path. Its up to each one of you to jus pass the life without realising who you are and live like other mere existence or choose HIM to understand what is beyond our knowledge! SATHGURU is so selfless that he wants to share the true esctacy that he experienced to all living human in this earth!

Hats off to HIM and his selfless efforts to make this world a better place to live!!!
Thank you,
There are deceptions and contradictions within and about isha.

1. There are many unresolved questions about Vij's death and the documented charges against sjv for murdering her. sjv never responded to the charges and they remain outstanding.
2. The is no proof of sjv's claim that there is solidified mercury inside the dhyanalingham.
3. sjv claims that he can simultaneously, of his own superhuman abilities, heal his broken bones and cure his asthma, both simultaneously in just over an hour's time.
4. In the past he said emphatically that yoga can only be transmitted personally, in the physical presence of the guru and can not be taught by t.v., mail, online or in any other way. He said yoga is an energy transmission from the guru to the disciple and required that the guru and disciple be physically present with each other. Yet, the isha yoga classes were then taught by teachers, without sjv's presence, and, now they are taught by sjv's design. Quite a change from his previous admonishments.
5. sjv claims that he designed the dhyanalingam and that his volunteers built it. However, there is documentation that the temple was designed and built by people from Auroville.
6. sjv claims that he was enlightened 3 lifetimes ago and that the only yoga training he had in this lifetime was hatha yoga learned from muladahali (sp?) swami when he was approximately age 12. He claims that other than that he has had no yoga training in this lifetime and has not read any of the scriptures. He claims that the yoga he teaches comes from within him and from his inate knowledge of life / creation. However, there are many accounts on the internet of people who state definitively that he was trained by Rishi Prabhakar and used to assist with teaching Rishi Prabhakar's classes of SSY. Which makes sense because when I researched SSY I find that it is almost exactly the same as isha yoga. And in the beginning, isha yoga was called sahaj sthithi yoga. And, curiously enough, there is another guru in South India, Guru Data something, that teaches his yoga called sahaj sthithi yoga, and, it is exactly the same as isha yoga. And, curiously, SSY, isha yoga and the other sahaj sthithi yoga taught by Guru Data all use the exact same language to describe the techniques of kriya and meditation. The exact same words in almst the exact same sentence order. So, it seems that sjv's claim to being a sadhguru (which according to him means he is an uneducated guru, not formally educated in the spiritual sciences) is not true at all.
I was involved in isha for many years and finally awoke to the fact that sjv is a liar at best and probably a criminal or a murderer at worst. He is no guru and he can't transmit yoga as he says. Certainly, he's a charlatan and a fraud.
People are averse to being deceived. That's not a flaw or imperfection that needs to be eliminated or purified. It's healthy. Don't get caught up in this mess.
Craving for fame

I think this Sadhguru is craving for fame. He goes on claiming that he is the guru of his followers but he never speaks or teaches them anything. Everything that comes to the person who joins the program is through someone else. If someone can do yoga and attain mukthi then ramdev baba should have attained mukthi longtime back. The entire world would be doing yoga and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras Books would have outsold every other novel or book and the entire world would be doing only yoga. The so called sadhguru goes from one city to another preaching. I am not saying it is wrong but he is craving for fame like any other mortal. All that he wants is a meeting with the Chief Minister getting himself felicitated and see himself next day in the papers. If he is a real gyani and attained mukthi he would not be craving for fame. He disengages himself from the world. I dont have anything personal against this cult but I worry for people who I know are into this. I use the word cult cos i know this is a cult. All the followers blindly follow this Sadguru though he does not speak with them even once. I dont follow Satya Sai Baba too but he is doing good.
Hello All,
Here is an opportunity to have a direct conversation with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. He is coming to Bangalore for having direct conversation with all on Dec 21st 2010. Venue-> White Petals, Palace Ground, Mekhri Circle. Timings-> 6.30 PM till 9.30 PM.

Those who suspect him, this is time to scrutinize him,
those who criticize him, this is time to grill him with more questions,
those who are not aware of him, this is time to know the possibility of being human,
those who stopped their practice, this is time to remind yourself what you are missing,
those who love him, this is the time to deepen your love and
those who are devoted to him, this is the time to dissolve in his grace.

Isha Volunteer
Mr. Vasudev continues his fraud. When will he answer to the murder of his wife, Viji?

He's expanded his empire by opening a shop at the Mumbai airport and engaging in other business ventures. Whatever it takes to keep his income stream active since his spiritual teachings are not in demand anymore.
In My Opinion Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a False Guru and Just a Business Man, A Clever Manipulator, Ruthless Exploiter of Young People's Energies by Blatant Lying For Building His Cult Empire on the Backs of Volunteers. I have given a complete list of His Contradictions and Lies on My Blog@

Please Read the same and then decide yourself.
overall i think its good to follow him if your entangled in your own beliefs without reasoning

People usually follow their beliefs because they do reason that belief is their reason to follow it. Without a reason to follow any belief system would keep you from trying it out.
isha yoga a real place for cowards and weak heads

Mr. Vasudev continues his fraud. When will he answer to the murder of his wife, Viji?

He's expanded his empire by opening a shop at the Mumbai airport and engaging in other business ventures. Whatever it takes to keep his income stream active since his spiritual teachings are not in demand anymore.

isha yoga is a real place for cowards and weak heads, for jakki vasudev is no real guru or anythn, he is earnin in the name of isha and enjoyin a luxurious life in us. he drives around a discovery3 and dirt bike, also wears a versace glasses original one all for what??? no one questiones him. he is a deceiver and especially todays young kids fall pray to isha yoga and sathguru..

i have no empathy for a man like sathguru who in the name of yoga and traditions plays peoples mind and himself leads a lavish life, cant any one see what he is doing?? sathguru is a frud and man to be put behind bars else best for this human community, as he says, extermination.
Isha yoga is one of the best way to realise encourages one to become aware of himself.[/QUOT

isha yoga is the best place to realize one self as selfish, and selfcentred. and sathguru damn him is the leader for this. i very much pitty u for u dont c t truth and reality. i hope the day u will it would have been too late.
sathguru runs this occult based on false beleives, he is a fraudster and has looted many families off their youngones,and happiness by leading them to a deceptive path of selfrealizatio i have read hindu vedas too.. o where it is said that leave your loved ones and crush them to the depth of misery for your own comfort.

i have no wonder this sathguru will meet his fate one day, truth will unveil itself that day ,u t very volunteers of isha will have no place to hide an escape.....
some one said very correct"
india is a mystic land for those who really do not know the real truth..."
isha my foot nd sathguru...i have more beautiful words for him///////////
...well i am not him to say so,,,
Hello All,
Here is an opportunity to have a direct conversation with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. He is coming to Bangalore for having direct conversation with all on Dec 21st 2010. Venue-> White Petals, Palace Ground, Mekhri Circle. Timings-> 6.30 PM till 9.30 PM.

Those who suspect him, this is time to scrutinize him,
those who criticize him, this is time to grill him with more questions,
those who are not aware of him, this is time to know the possibility of being human,
those who stopped their practice, this is time to remind yourself what you are missing,
those who love him, this is the time to deepen your love and
those who are devoted to him, this is the time to dissolve in his grace.

Isha Volunteer

well whn will t time cme to really crush him the very truth of his lies and crap...sathguru...u r a man reckoned for luxury and selfish pathways with a deceptive outlook of culture and tradition. u will pay for this sathguru,, for the very lord shiva will see to it in ur case justice is done and all your enchantmeents will be to dust that day..........isha will be a occult ,a plce whr people hunger of lavishness on others beleifs dwell.....typical cowards..shelter of the cowards and filthy people like sathguru is isha,,,,,,,,,,,,
I had the opportunity to attend one of Jaggi's discourses, during which, one of his students was telling him that some of his organization members don't believe in the isha way. he answered by saying that he also do not believe in isha as the only way to reach spirituality, and he encourages every person to find his own way, discipline, or path to reach the ultimate.
I find Jaggi a blessing to the humanity, and a quite open minded person. he is providing pple with what he knows best, what the pple do with his teachings and what they become and turn into, is not of his business. If someone is week in his head he will understand things his way and get twisted and nothing to blame jaggi for.

It is like when two pple are standing on the street and they witness a murder: one person could be traumatized for his entire life and live in fear, while the other could turn into a doctor to help saving lives.

the experience is there and real, what we do with it is a different story, and it is very subjective.

As for the regards of his wife's death, i believe that if there was enough evidence against him he would have been in jail by now.
Never heard of em . I don't think he reads the language of the birds or all his followers would be changing the world . The way of the Demon Eagle suits Me better . Rock and roll , alternative and Jazz music , now there is some good advice for chicken fuckers. The Future is now
Isha yoga is not a branch of yoga. It is yoga

Yoga has been misunderstood like "LOVE".
Living in harmony with what you think, what you say and what you do is Yoga. It is a struggle to live because we live in contradicting with our own thoughts, words and actions. Isha Yoga is telling you the way life should go on earth as we are not different from each other.
I don't have the competence to comment on inner exploration as I didn't experience it. I can't dislike Greek language without learning it.
Let us look with in and see what we are instead of looking at others. Each soul is potentially divine, says Swami Vivekananda. That which you seek will seek you also.
It is obvioulsy a cult designed to take your money. The number of post from first time posters praising yogi the god makes that abundently clear. This whole thread is creeping me out.

Go to India sit at the feet of the con artist and waste your life.:mad: