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Today I posted the following reply in Business Week Forum. This could be a point of discussion.

When everybody say that Mac users fall in the cult status, then that becomes a reality. Partly the media is to blame. Human nature is such that we love a good fight as a spectator. We create the myth and so on. The truth is Apple is just another company trying to stay solvent by selling their ware against cheap knock-offs.

The future for Mac is bright if they can play the game right. The Internet equalized the advantages of Microsoft. You can get all the functions that you need in a computer in Mac. The only problem is still the cost. So to make it as a "Peoples Computer" will be tough. The OS X has a lot going for it because its base is in Unix OS. It can very well compete with Sun Solaris and Microsoft XP server if properly improved and marketed. Will Apple do that? I doubt it.

Many years ago, when Jobs was at Next, I asked for a free eval copy for the Next OS so that we can test it and develop an industrial software. I could not get it. So I knew, Next was doomed. Old habits die hard.

Now if they dance around a few more years, someone will use Linux and create a Popular PC (out of the box). Due to IBM's push, Linux is starting at the highend server side and when it trickles down to your desktop, Mac business will be over. A nice product to be in Smithsonian though
Apple has already lost out to the business world where economics is a driving force. That is one of the reasons why they are in the position that they are in.

They started with a nice coupe in that they got into the schools as the computer to learn on for the young. This had the potential of converting the population into an Apple using world. But they lost out to Microsoft in the business world where money counts.

I had asked earlier why use Apple, as I know nothing of the Apple computer, its advantages, and the things it does best at. I do know what I see when I look around. That is almost every business (there are exceptions) that does business electronically use IBM clones.
I used their product early in the PC revolution. I really enjoyed using the Mac. As product go, I can not knock it. It is same story with Sony Beta machines. We still have two (hi-fi) of them working well.

But actually Mac is salvageable. Here is why. Most people use a computer for mp3, internet access and word/excel programs. Some use it for graphics. So you could easily use it. Power PC chip is a very powerful chip. But I do not know why Motorola does not improve it like going to 64bit and high GHz range.

May be Apple should cut its losses and rewrite the OS to port it to AMD/ Intel chips. After all Mac OS X is based on FreeBSD Unix.

There is a way Apple can shine. Microsoft has not taken over the midrange server market. Apple can do it , but time is running short.
Apple has a dim future as I see it. Apple soft where is at a minimal and that is not going to change anytime soon. The fact is there are more windows machines out there than Macs. Their only salvation that would allow them to achieve their potential would be to allow windows programs to run under their OS. With Microsoft in a lawsuit and the courts already upset at the large purchase Microsoft made in apple I can't see that happening.

While windows does not have the midrange market IBM does and they make a hellava comp in the AS series. That's hard competition for a company that has been PC from the beginning.

What I wonder is what is the computer companies problems. Apple is not a good PC really, IBM clones are better today and still nobody actually seems to be catching on that apple has survived for 1 single reason: style. The cube was a cool looking comp and that's why it sold. That's why any apple sells. Other computer companies should follow their example.

I thought the Cube is being discontinued because it hasn't been selling ....

My bad, it has had some problems. I did not mean to follow it to a key but to generally spice up the looks. I personally don't care what a computer looks like but a lot of people do. That big gray box just does not look as good apples computers. The majority of apple users are ignorant about computers.

As a side note – The cube is not selling so bad because it is not sleek but the ignorance of apple has plagued it. Mainly in the expensive production that requires a larger price tag and a material that has seems in it. The seems really piss people off who bought it for looks and find the big ugly lines on the box. Many have been returned as a result even though nothing is wrong with them with claims of the cases cracking during shipping. Not a good way to launch a product.