Area 51

imagine how many billions they would save if they employed them themselves to remove the wasted billions on private profit margins & failed R&D profit margins

but al those dirty A-hole politicians scamy D_ckheads leveraged NASA to social engineer & indoctrinate american citizens to believe nasa was effectively a socialist organization hiding communism
so everything must be privatized so those politicians can get massive bribes from lobbyists

& look how that played out with all their R&D technology
they messed with the people & the system soo much now they cant keep anything secret
they divided to conquer the will of the American citizen that they now cant maintain patriotism
irony of pure capitalism and its strangle like grip of social engineering & laws.

now the working class tax payer who has no health care housing or food is forced to pay private profit massive profit margins on private security for government contracts which have massive secrecy holes all the way through them because they have to employ soo many different private companys

what a sham !

its a complete failure

did they earn ?
not really
they created the department of homeland security instead of fixing the problem
bigger guns to solve emotional problems
while making church hymns about better government department communications
when its the same old failed leadership playing political games & messing with the administration and undermining it constantly for personal political power and profit

& they were an ants fart away from handing their entire national tel-co systems and security away to a competing country private government run business
what a bunch of monkeys
soo obsessed with taking and hoarding all the bananas (capitalist profit)

soo the complete leadership fail was then dressed up as a racist national policy to slander the other country
to cover up their terribly bad scamy and ignorant leadership & economic controls & regulation

& so they become the self fulfilling prophecy why government cant be trusted to run government
or businesses as state owned enterprises
because the political leadership is a tin can shit house

what are they keeping secret ?
not much
but people like to vote for the crying clown that is hopeless at everything
because it makes their own fragile child like ego feel better

what a fuckery

really ?
not a chance
its only to force them to sign a non liable waiver so they cant sue the other company's or government.
it will be a complete waiver of human rights & civil & legal rights dressed up as a trany dancing to "top secret clearance"

the private profit companys will be scamming the government secrets act contract to use it to cover their own failures and abuses
to prevent employees from suing them.

the profit tells you where the gears are & what is driving what

Don't sugar coat it rainbow.
Tell us how you really feel.