Atheis church congregation raising money

What's sad is that if Mazulu's posts were made about Muslims instead of atheists, Tiassa would give him a month-long ban and call him a bigot on the way out.

But because he's trashing atheists, apparently nobody gives a shit. On the one hand, I get it: we're all big boys and girls here, and Maz's infantile rants don't actually offend us. But on the other, he's the most disruptive poster we've had here since Robbitybob, except he's even worse because he's taking the same flaming/baiting/trolling act into a dozen different threads. Feelings aside, isn't it time to take out the trash?

You are, of course, correct. It's like he is just incapable of acting like an adult, he resets to full blown troll no matter what is said in the thread, making it a complete waste of time to try to straighten him out. Probably, intellectually unable to even understand just how bad he looks.