Best Olympic Games Ever:


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Today is the 20th anniversary of what was to be the greatest ever Olympic games in Sydney 2000, as announced by the International Olympic President
Juan Antonio Samaranch who concluded that the XXVII Olympiad in 2000 was the best Olympic Games ever.

Why was it special for me? Well my Mrs was picked months before, out of a church choir, to be among the performers and singers at the opening ceremony of the games, something she was immensely proud of, and stringently adhered to the secrecy, including the destination when she was picked up by bus for rehearsals every week.

The other special moment was the lighting of the torch by Cathy Freeman, who went on to win gold in the 400 mtrs track and field.....

The only other time the Olympics have been held in Australia was Melbourne in 1956, when we won every men's and woman's freestyle swimming event run, with the likes of Murray Rose, the Konrad kids Ilsa and John, and the greatest ever female swimmer Dawn Fraser.
I thought the thread title was referencing the London 2012 games... still the best ever. ;)
On reflection though, it is sad that other less economically sound countries can never really be in contention.

With the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics next year after the 12 months postponement, will they still be every 4 years from that date?