Best to swim like a dolphin?

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Ian is tied as the strongest storm to strike Florida's West Coast

I was watching a live feed about hurricane Ian being the strongest storm to hit Florida's West Coast. I've seen videos before that had bridges flip-flopping in hurricanes. In the live feed it's pretty obvious there's turbulence but to me, the waves just seem rough...

A killer whale swims with a blow hole and hits the surface to get air. If say, you get butt naked and make the splash, could you survive the hurricane by doing the same?
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Tampa Bay drained of water by Hurricane Ian

That's a dynamic link in the starting post. Hence, it must be Jesus telling me to post without thinking as he must know all my thinking is done with converting imperial to metric...

The waves. Could you survive in the water, if say, the waves were only as tough as that of a wave pool in a theme park. By keeping your body vertical in an inflatable doughnut. Your legs and torso having friction with the water maintaining some nominal position?


Aside, how fast can a hurricane drain a river or bay?

And I don't think you'd die from exposure unless you got hit with flying debris.
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And I don't think you'd die from exposure unless you got hit with flying debris.

"exposure" is the process of the body temperature dropping below its minimum level
your heart eventually stops beating as your organs shut down

if its warm water you would be ok but the stress from being constantly knocked around by the waves would put a big strain on your body.
assuming you could get enough breathable air.

what dolphins have is the ability of neutral buoyancy so they can sit below the wave level and not get thrown around.

if a big waves picks you up and breaks it can be as bad as a car crash
you simply cant survive hours of being bashed around by the waves
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