Bird or Bloke....

sorry did you say something, i have no idea what this threads about.

Hermaphrodites are wierd, they are neather 1 or the other
what was it about?. I always semi sleept on the bus/trains listening to people or having weird dreams and finding solutions to problems I way i had not thought about before
It was 'the poet' John connely.
best seller stuff.

About MURDER...It must be the most normal book someone could read. I usually tend to read weirder books than that.
sounds boring, how many are death before chapter 3, how does it compare to Islands Saga's in body count
Kunax said:
does he kill people by telling bad poetry ?

He kills them by shooting them in the head and making it look like a suicide. Not to worry though. He only kills homicide cops who have difficulties solving a case.

Are you a copper?