boycott Israel say a jewish minister

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6,700 posts aswell you show the cunning endurance of a Jew, (wait i shouldnt use a capital letter, jew) aswell
yes i know you are not a jew im just complimenting you, if you were a real jew youd be shouting out anti semitic and calling the moderator on the special jew problems hotline.

and i hope i didnt offend u by making the comparison aswell
wow truely amazing s.monkey, you can even make a comeback like a jew, wow i am truely impressed.

we should get together sometimne and plot on how to get rid of Jews
no not me, i wouldnt do that, im not a Jew, but you dont know how devious Jews are, as you speak "A" might be off with a Jew who has converted her and told her to take over the world (while still pretending to the world she is not a Jew so the blame does not go to the Jews)

HOLY SHIT, the deviousness (a jewish word) is unimaginbale. we must act NOW!!!!!!!!!
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