Cool, Cheesy & Ancient Family Pictures


This thread is dedicated to your family pictures: the worst of them or the best of them. Old ones are best. I just love the ones from the seventies and before.

Take a look:

Mother & Father at my Uncle's Wedding. Late 1970's. JESUS! Look at my dad's suit!

My dad at his Junior Prom. This is a great pick. I love the suit

My dad, fresh from basic training, at his soon-to-be first wife's first prom. She got knocked-up that night. SCANDALOUS!

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Niece & Grampa at target practice (one of my all time favorites).

Me, as a baby wearing my ice cream.

Grandma on visit to Chicago during WWII, CLASSIC!
I'll hop in :)

My mom at work, probably early twenties or late teens [1950s or early 1960s]; shes the one with the hand on hip. Wonder if she's wearing her flame coloured lipstick


Daddy dearest at college, he's the propah one in the suit [1950s]

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Me, with uncle and grandma [on my left], circa 1970s


Me and my sisters, circa late 1970s

All precious pictures. I was spawned fully grown ten years ago, and thus have no pictures... Or perhaps my lack of a scanner is evident. When my wife gets home, I'll get access to the photobucket album of the kids, and I'll drive you all mad with them, ok?
You're supposed to post ancient cheesy pics!

Man I cannot believe I am wearing flares [called bell bottoms then]. I've been around for a full fashion cycle :eek:
Hmm I think they have to at least look like they belong to some other era
What a nice thread, you all have such classic and/or cute pics. :)

I am scanning some pics, I have some pics including, uhm, naked pics, but when I was few months old. Is that inappropriate? :eek:
So did everyone else. Why do you think I look grumpy?

HA! My grandma was obsessed with pinching my cheeks. I hated it. Even on my 16th birthday she pinched my cheeks.

Is that the bridge opposite the Wrigley?

No clue.

Grandma was classy though. I know this sounds sexist, but she never lost that "1940's" classic woman-ness. She was from West Virginia, raised on a self-subsiding farm. She raised her younger siblings when her mother died from cancer. All she had ever known was hard work. The woman was truly a force unto herself. She utterly dominated my family until her death and was the glue that held together her four sons when my Grandpa' dumped them and left. Yet she never lost the smallest touch of her femininity or any of the joy of living.

She had nothing. Nothing at all. And wanted nothing except strong family relationships. In Sunday church she would sit next to me and hold my hand and would scratch the back of my neck. When my mother died in '86 she moved in and took care of us for four years. She was an amazing cook and never failed to "forget" all the horrible things I said in anger (struggling to deal with my mother's death). Nothing but kisses, love and the patience of Job.

Until her dying breath she wore pants from the 1970's that she mended when they ripped. She wasted nothing, despite the fact that her four sons were of MORE than enough means to give her whatever she wanted. She refused to use a dishwasher and never missed a day of church until she was admitted, finally, at age 82 to the hospital with cancer of the ovaries. Presented with the option of a full hysterectomy she said calmly, "I've had all my parts until now, I'll keep them until I die. I'm 82. I've lived a happy life, I'm ready when God is."




It's because of her that I have a delusionally romantic view of the 1940's.

Wow, thats a great story.

Here I dug up some more, should get around to scanning all the ancient photos before they are ruined.

My uncle, on a fishing trip. Guess which one he is :)


Dad with his group in college

That's really sweet, String. =) Reminds me of my grandma from my father side, she is like that too, very strong woman, she still is and still has clear mind.

hehe...we want to see you naked! :)

Now that I think of it, I am not so sure :p Also, I don't know why when I was a baby my head is sooo big T_T (big brain?!)