Denial of evolution II

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I don't know about the rest, but I think that you are either spamming, or seeking for some attention. Otherwise, instead of putting this, you would just say what you think about the "real truth".

I would prefer working models instead of "real truths"...


well greenboy , lets read it
What about if I say neither evolution or creationism are the real truth. What you guys think about this....
I would think that you have asked a genuine question based upon your current understanding of both. However, the question would reveal that you have little in depth knowledge of evolutionary mechanisms and almost no knowledge of the evidence for evolution. I would expect that you will trot out some of the well worn, but flawed arguments of the creationist camp. Perhaps you have will be somewhat more original than previous detractors and offer some apparently novel objection to evolution. But that will turn out to be based upon a fundamental misunderstanding of thoery, or observations.

I'm waiting with interest.
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