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ZMacZ here...

1: It's pronounced (zmexeh)..

2: I'm new here.. and yes..i hate that question that accepts only one answer.."Are you human ?"....SOOO NOT !! (hopefully, but if under duress than yes.. -.- )

3: I came here looking for a name to call the sub sub atomic...(nomered mesionic by me..why ? well..I tire from saying sub sub atomics..sounds like stutter..)

4: I don't like long calculations..so I won't be doing those...(lazy)..there's other people that can do that better than me..
(I have typos...combine with precise mathematical solutions...umm. pain ?????..)

5: Besides liking to know about science I also philosophise about the uses of science... ( "If you could make something would it be wise that you would ?")
(for the ones that don't get that...===>> bigger weapons ===> should we actually devise any ?..)

6: Although I do have faith, I believe in science fact...and hope that whomever came up with the universe has a kind eye towards us...
(it doesn't actually factor into it..if he did come up with the universe, there's nothing we can do to stop him if he'd pulls the plug...)

7: I believe that science is based on one solid principle...proof says it exists..but lack of proof does not say that it doesn't...
(in the dark ages every 'scientist' knew that everything existed out of fire, water, earth and air...and look how wrong they were..)
(and stuff like the earth was flat..and guys like that Greek "Eureka" guy was imprisoned and stuff..and sorry for the lack of memory there..)
(it kinda skips a few turns every so oftens..)

8: I have a great mind when it comes to seeing stuff..but not exactly for recollection...i.e. great processor..small cache...)

9: I'm not raised in the States, so bear with me for any lingual mistakes..

10: I have crazy theories, which will mostly be disproven by most of you... idc.. either proven or disproven..works for me same way..

11: I wanna visit Mars in a spaceship one day...maybe start a human colony there..
(It's one of the reasons I have the knowhow to create structures out of seemingly nothing..and other stuff that may can come in
usefull in that perspective..that kinda started with a game I play(ed) called Outpost..very old..but fun...)
(May I digress ?...it's a game about landing on a planet and building stuff to make the colony viable with very little resources present..I like those a lot..)

12: Umm..well..for a short period I'll answer questions...I have the site on E-mail alert..

Tha's all for now...

Ur outta-space-dropper-inner-wishes-he-could-leave-again-asap-cuz-of-all-the-foolishness-going-arounder ZMacZ
Oh wait...

TV-shows I like...

Star treks: OS, NG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise..
Earth Final Conflict, Andromeda
Farscape, Space Above and Beyond (short one), Space 1999 (very old, but back then very insightfull)
Stargates: SG1, Atlantis, Universe

basically..all sci-fi's, although some are more fi than sci...

Games..umm..zounds ?...with the exception of platform games..and simplistic shooters and stuff like that..and also no clicking games "click with this on that..""..those drive me nuts, when I can't find the solution..you end up clicking everything with everything...with no result, cuz you forgot to pick up something somewhere..idc...N..T..Y...

All of the above lead me to come up with new ways to solve problems (albeit with theoretical and/or sometimes fantastical solutions..)
But they keep the mind alive..

My actual best feat is to make an old 8 bit machine do actual multiplication with bit shifting in mnemonic code instead of using logarithmics ..(those trailing .9999's and .000001's..those were PAIN !!..actually needed an algorithmic way to display, instead of a simple "print x"..)
(I can clearly remember the BDOS routine that said "+1+1+1+1+1+1+1"..can you imagine doing 40.000 x 40.000 @ 4Mhz tops..? or a spreadsheet ?..)

ah..which brings me to my first computer..being an 65C02 based Atari...with 16K memory...and a 48K expansion..to a whopping 64K..with a cassette player as a data recording device..@1200 bytes per second..later (and most expediently) being replaced with a 5 1/4 floppy drive..ss/sd..and me
going !YAY! like never before..

Besides that, there's cats (furries)....love those..both real as imaginary.. (panda's, angora bunnies, stuff like that..)

Once again..all for now..
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