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Notice from sciforums administrator

It is drawn to members' attention that Trooper considers certain recent posts to be defamatory of her character. She has made a complaint to sciforums administration.

Trooper considers that the threads linked below contain false information regarding her and unfair accusations.

Trooper has asked that the offending threads containing the defamatory posts be deleted. However, it is not our policy to delete entire threads due to infractions against one member, for reasons that we will be happy to explain on request. Therefore, I am doing what I consider to be the next best thing and posting this public notice of Trooper's complaint.

Trooper states:

Trooper said:
I've been accused of being a sadist, a rape advocate, a rape apologist, and a misogynist. My defense to these allegations were deleted. I would like all of the topics that include these allegations deleted.

As far as I am aware, only one thread by Trooper has been removed from public view (and that thread remains available for retrieval if it becomes necessary in future). Any other defences made in the course of the other threads remain in place, to the best of my knowledge. Moreover, Trooper is free to publish any further defences she wishes to.

The threads that Trooper has referred to explicitly in her complaint are as follows:




Trooper also writes (to me):

Trooper said:
However, if you feel that these threads provide some sort of value to the forum, a concluding statement in the following threads addressing the terms, rape advocate, rape apologist, rape supporter, misogynist, and troll, would be seen as a gesture of goodwill.

I here undertake to post in the current thread any concluding statement that Trooper wishes to have displayed, once I receive such a statement from her. In the meantime, I publish what I assume would form part of such a statement:

Trooper said:
...there was insufficient evidence supporting the accusations against several members of misogyny and rape apology.

Members are encouraged to read the posting rules and guidelines for sciforums, which can be found here:


The following is from the preamble to the rules:

Contributions to sciforums inevitably reflect the personal views of the members. As a result, from time to time, one side of any given debate may be over-represented. Readers should not conclude that we [i.e. sciforums administration] therefore endorse one side over the other.

Moderators and administrators of sciforums are, by and large, unpaid volunteers. Moderators are free to post in their capacity as ordinary forum members, as well as in their capacity as moderators. When moderators express opinions on matters that are not related to their moderating duties, it is to be understood that such opinions are the opinions of the individual posting them and not the official opinions of sciforums or its administration.
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