Favorite artwork

Not sure I have a fav work of art

Did find this work of art I found the way it was constructed fascinating

Done by drawing a single line starting at the tip of nose. The full face is more detailed at Pinterest and others but I am not going to download any more apps, sorry, I have enough


1sr century Rome
" a roman copy of a greek original"
Why do people claim " a roman copy of a greek original" when no one has the supposed greek original?
The (so named from the rubble on the hill from whence she was rescued) "Esquiline Venus"
No one knows who carved it
No one knows who paid for it
No one knows who modeled for it
No one knows what it was originally called

What we have is a well crafted piece of stone
and imagination
---(a rose by any other name...)

"traveling in circles" (until something looks familiar?)
I've a love of archaeology and figurative sculpture----combine the 2 and I appreciate the encounter.
I've also a love of kettle drums and french horns, and when a composer skillfully combines the 2, I appreciate the effect.