Female Sexual Fantasies

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What about men who get erections when they're prostate is being rubbed by a doctor during a prostate examination?

What sort of point are you trying to make gustav? That if a woman has an orgasm while being raped, it's not rape? That rape doesn't exist?

fuck me charley
thats a goddamn urban myth
those same boys probably get a hardon just by pulling down their pants

my point?
cant you read?
i said if a guy gets a hardon when a bitch forces herself on him, his status changes from victim to enabler

he rapes himself


in a world of erectile dysfunctions and non orgasmic bitches, the msg i seem to be getting is that we are randier than shit

lets eyeball the orgasmic world of hookers

“On the question of orgasmic experience a useful start might be the study of Wardell Pomeroy (1965). He destroyed any previous notions about prostitutes as being frigid, impassive, insensitive participants in prostitution. Pomeroy compared three groups of prostitutes: 83 gaol inmates, presumedly mostly ex-streetwalkers, with a median age of 30.3; 61 reformatory inmates, also mostly ex-streetwalkers, with a median age of 19.5; and 31 call girls, with a median age of 26.8. Although not truly representative of a prostitution population, Pomeroy's findings in Table 3.37 provide sufficient indication that prostitutes enjoy orgasmic experiences both at work and in private.

The configuration in Table 3.37 confirms the author's knowledge of prostitutes in Australia, that is, prostitutes orgasm more frequently in their private lives. The statement by some prostitutes that they never orgasm at work or they fake orgasms to please their clients is probably true, but it is not the case with a large number of women who seem capable of orgasms on the job. The mistaken belief that female orgasm is an expression of affection often leads to inhibitions with many prostitutes. Probable factors for explaining the difference in sexual responses in Pomeroy's sample groups are age (Group 2 being mostly teenagers) and class morality (Group 3 being mostly middle-class women).” – The Sex Lives of Prostitutes​

so ahh
kids cum more frequently on the job, while the older educated ones hardly ever do
it appears that perhaps a lack of inhibition or self control may be factors that explain the disparity as far as the kids are concerned
i prefer however, to say that choice, is the defining factor. the bitch chooses to have a good time and cum.... or not

so ah
why are you bitches having orgasms when you are being raped?
why fantasize about this heinous crime?
curious minds want to know

i, for one, would never get a hard on in a traumatic and stressful situ
if i did, it ceased to be traumatic. i mean, i do have a 70 odd percent chance of knowing the perp .......
i also imagined it to hold true for the other members of my sex but it appears those fucks cum when anally probed by their goddamn doctors

why then, do you?
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No. You are naturally an autamaton for your genes, so that at very early stages of your life, you are naturally more randy. Your hormones are sky-rocket in fact, not only because of a natural need to propogate, but because your bodies are still forming, and require a great deal of these hormones to function and shape you correctly.
I wonder what the OP had in mind when he posted this... I wonder if he was wanting some very horny chicks to just... drop in lolol
i was eyeballing visceral's threat of physical violence and came to the realization that most of that shit emnates from the bitches rather than the guys, in sci. we guys never make those kinds of threats but the bitches appear to have absolutely no compunction in doing so.

it is borne out in domestic violence reports. eyeball....


Violence against children by women is another issue where the public attitude is very different than the facts revealed by formal studies.

* Women commit most child abuse in intact biological families. When the man is removed from the family the children are at greater risk.
* Mother-only households are more dangerous to children than father- only households.
* Children are 3 times more likely to be fatally abused in Mother-only Households than in Father-only Households, and many times more likely in households where the mother cohabits with a man other than the biological father.
* Children raised in Single-mother Households are 8 times more likely to become killers than children raised with their biological father.

Other studies reveal more about female violence against children:
* Women hit their male children more frequently and more severely than they hit their female children.
* Women commit 55% of child murders and 64% of their victims are male children.
* Eighty two percent of the general population had their first experience of violence at the hands of women, usually their mother.

Our culture learns to be violent from our mothers, not our fathers. Yet, 3.1 million reports of child abuse are filed against men each year, most of which are false accusations used as leverage in a divorce or custody case. (link) ([URL="http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&ct=res&cd=1&url=http%3A%2F%2Fpubpages.unh.edu%2F~mas2%2FV55.pdf&ei=GE2ASLfPHJqMtwPyurXNCQ&usg=AFQjCNHwlpMOZsFyAMKkOdApDEitx0ECpA&sig2=Cg8osLZi6jUObxqpL8-wuA"]link)[/URL]​
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but of course
guys, you will look so pretty with that pinned to your lapels
while you are at it ..........


you never addressed my point; you danced around it. A woman was raped, and had sex ruined for her because of that experience.
I've noticed that a lot of women here have one general theme- "we fantasize too, and we want sex just as much as you do". My question is this- WHO IS HOLDING YOU BACK? Please tell us so we can apprehend them.

other women. No one judges a woman as harshly as another woman.
No shit Orleander.

Admit to another woman that you masturbate, and you'll forever be seen as a mentally deranged creature who probably lives alone in a deteriorated building with bags of urine and faeces hanging from the walls.

But come on, show me a girl/woman over the age of 13 who doesn't masturbate.
No shit Orleander.

Admit to another woman that you masturbate, and you'll forever be seen as a mentally deranged creature who probably lives alone in a deteriorated building with bags of urine and faeces hanging from the walls.

But come on, show me a girl/woman over the age of 13 who doesn't masturbate.

Nuns don't because they are holy.
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