Fine Acting.

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Any examples of fine acting you guys could give?


The Devil's Advocate

Anthony Hopkins in the Silence of the lambs and in Bram Stocker's Dracula.

American Beauty



Jack Nicholson in The Shining

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

Much ado About Nothing

Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future.

(I know long list, but once again - I am a MOVIE FREAK)
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I highly agree on Hopkins in Silence. Even in Hannibal he was amazing, though it was a far less difficult and good film.

Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction

Jared Leto in Requiem For A Dream

Sean Gullete in Pi

Edward Norton in American History X

There's a couple.
Jake Lloyd 'Anakin Skywalker' The Phantom Menace.

I'm surprised the Oscars overlooked him.

Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith from Matrix) in The Interview. An award winning performance in an award winning film, with very good reason. See it if you can.
As Cactus can detest I enjoy doing impressions of that guy

'you see, mister...anderson, we're willing to wipetheslate clean.'

or 'helps his landlady with her garbage.'

Christ what a cynic.
Denzil Washington - Training Day

Edward Norton - American History X, Primal Fear

Brad Pitt - 12 Monkeys, Snatch (both very funny characters)

Benicio del Toro - Traffic, Fear and Loathing (as well as Johnny Depp)

Morgan Freeman - The Shawshank Redemption

Angelina Jolie - Gia

Samuel L. Jackson - A Time to Kill

Oh, the list goes on and on....

Anthony Hopkins.........geez any movie

Whatshisface on A Beautiful Mind, also in that movie about the tobacco industry

MORGAN FREEMAN .......again, in any movie......especially Shawshank Redemption

Worst Acting? Hmm, as in those soft porn movies they play on Cinemax........the kind that have girls that sound like they are saying "oooh look at my boobies....I'm an ACTRESS....yeaeh! ohmahgaw!" you mean that kind of bad acting? hehehe

Re: cool...

Originally posted by Ana
Anthony Hopkins.........geez any movie

Whatshisface on A Beautiful Mind, also in that movie about the tobacco industry

First off your right, Anthony Hopkins is Incredible, I feel that way about him and Kevin Spacey.

Second, don't you mean Russel Crowe?

YEAH! Whathisface...Russel Crowe! And Kevin Spacey is fenomenal...I even liked him in K-Pax....I wish he would've taken ME to his planet....sigh.

And I liked Spacey in that movie where he was a suspect telling the detective how this crime was committed.........can't remember the name of the movie....could it have been "The Usual Suspects" ???
Marlon Brando
On The Waterfront (1954)
The Godfather (1972)

Spencer Tracy
Boys Town (1938)

Gary Cooper
Sergeant York (1941)

Maximilian Schell
Judgement at Nuremberg (1961)

Ben Kingsley
Off topic, but above post made me think of it.

Anyone seen: Juan De Marco, with Depp and Brando?

What about The Big Lebowski? That's my favorite comedy.
The guy in Borken arrow (can't think of the name off the top of my head)

Mel gibson in the lethal weapon serise and in brave heart

and Everyone in LOTR's (god i love that movie)