Finish my Sentence

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white flag that she wanted me to wave...but I didn't want to give up...i wanted my chance with her ....if I couldnt have it then
grizzly bear cos I love flirting with danger and cant get more dangerous than this. Or can it..maybe a hedgehog or an ant too tame... it would have to be with
bran flakes because they are so good for bowel movement, and man, i would have some movement doin it with a crocodile....there would be shit everywhere.... I think I would rather be
is regarded locally as foreplay. When they have finished eating the crocodiles, they vomit it up and the local boys would eat the vomit prior to a wild night of passionate love.
I tried it once but I
was regarded as insane and placed into in asylum, now that I spent 20 years here I agree to their decision because constantly talking about vomit is indeed a characteristic of being insane, but all that aside let me tell you about this one time when I went into a store that sell girls, I tried it once but I...
forgot to turn the light on,on my way in. Groping my way in the dark, I felt what I thought were two soft boobs, and, with a smile on my face asked "How much?". The lights came on, I looked at what I was holding, and an eerie voice said....
"your kidney, thats how much"...I understood that it was a silicon-based life female doctor who was about to use a knife on me to extract her price for the delicacy I asked for, but before she did...
I grabbed the knife from her, and without thinking, and being the insane person that I later was certified as, I plunged the knife into..not her's, but my body...made a kidney shaped incision and plucked out the organ.
I tossed in the roaring fire in the room and said " will never have it"
She laughed and said...
"what a fool you are, boy", as she quickly started fading and I realized that this was all but a hologram...and there on the floor lay my kidney, how stupid did I feel than, I cannot comprehend, but this story is not about me, it is about children in Zimbabwe who after hearing of this story immedeately...
sold all their pets, raided their little piggy banks, and clubbed all their money together.
The money bought a ticket to America for the brightest boy among them, a boy called Naominis Paneluka.
He sailed for many days and eventually reached America.
On disembarking, he spoke to first uniformed person he met, a postman, and said:
"My name is Naominis Paneluka, I am the fastest runner in all Zimbabwe....I hear their is a presidential race...Iwant to run in it for my country"
The postman looked at him and....
told him..."guess what, were is your visa?" The boy looked into his eyes with his eyes looking into his eyes looking into his eyes...and they understood that the Zimbabwe boy as a fast runner will be proven right here by the postman himself, as the zimbabwe boy attached nitro afterburners and configured rocket engines mounted on his two shoulders, he...
zoomed into the distance,heading towards Washington, even without a visa. No matter what, he wanted run i that Presidential race.Unknowingly, he was travelling so fast that he entered a time tunnel, and taking a right turn instead of left, he travelled back in time and found himself staring at a bearded man with a black top hat...his name was Abraham and posters behind him showed that he was running in a presidential race.
Abraham looked at him and...
told him, "God Save the Queen of England", the boy frozen in astonishment realized that Lincoln was actually the undercover puppet of English government, the young lad...
turned away and headed straight to the local registry office. He told the clerk he wanted to change hi name as nobody could remember such an unusual name. The clerk nodded and said " What name do you wish to change to?" The boy replied " James Wilkes Booth" At that moment the door opened and
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