Genealogy of the bible

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New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl
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This might be of interest for those who want to know who begat who
Sorry I haven't watched the whole 10 minutes
Current time here is close to 1:30am and I need, really really need, some beauty sleep
Don't bother. The text is unreadable. The music is depressing. The numerology is incomprehensible. Oy!
Thanks for the review

I have already thanked my gut which had formed that type of review but not so much in those words

My favorite bible genealogy is in Matthew. Prophesy had said that the messiah would be from the house of David, so Matthew goes through all of this who begot who to prove that Joseph was from the house of David. But Joseph and Jesus were not related according to the bible, so WTF?o_O
It's true, Adam and Eve and everything. The rock is just 6000 years old. Can you believe the lies you've been fed?