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Thanks for the reply. Actually, we sometimes found some rare offsprings matches about 90% in appearance & character, with any one of the partner. So, can it be possible that the mutation/fertilization of DNA is in the blank ova of any one partner only like it happened in cloning. It may be related to some partners who may be having some problems in carring out the natural process & may get only one child. It can be a very important & rare condition.
No, anuclear eggs [lacking a nucleus, and therefore lack DNA (in eukaryotes)] cannot be fertilized, and therefore will not form into a human. There are no haploid humans, as far as I know.
In cloning, the nucleus is taken out of the ovum, and a new nucleus (from a cell taken from the animal you wish to clone) is inserted. This is then implanted into the uterus of an adult, and allowed to develop. This cannot be done with humans at the moment, due to complications with nuclear transfer.
Is it sure that it can't be possible that some ova's are naturally produced in humans without nucleous? is for sure

kumar you keep asking the same questions because you don't like the answers. Such as can an acquired disease be inherited in the offspring (well, aids goes from mother to child, not because it is assimilated into the DNA, but because the virus particle is passed on). Or this cloning stuff.

an ovum without nucleus is nothing. An ovum without a nucleus could never have developed into a nucleus. It is as simple as that. Development is also a very sensitive process. More than half of the fertilized eggs abort prematurely.
Thanks for clarifying. Actually I have seen few cases in which all characters of only one partner are present & nothing like 2nd partner. I recently heard that in one abortion of 3/4 month foetus it was was somethig like as not properly fertilized.

Now it means ova can be made blank for cloning but can't be naturally blank.
an ova is not entirely blank of course before cloning. It is loaded with information. However, most of this information or all will never be visible in the adult phenotype.

as mentioned in another thread in this biology forum, and egg is loaded with proteins, mRNAs and such which all contain information. It is just that this information is used during early development and that it is not transferred in any way into the DNA. It is a one-way stream of information. Otherwise you could be quite right in your assumptions.
an ova is not entirely blank of course before cloning. It is loaded with information

I was actually considering this type ova i.e. (ova(-) only DNA) as blank ova. Means ova with other informations loaded but no DNA.

Btw can it be possible that some early development is possible without fertilization by this loaded informations in egg which ultimetely abort after 3/4 months of just initial development.
No, it is not possible as far as I know. The egg won't begin to develop unless it is fertilized (fertilization acts as a trigger, so to speak). It has all the information handy to begin development, but it needs to be activated, which comes in the form of fertilization.