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Wonder which is bigger
Paste from link: "Invisible to the naked eye, 10 of the computer chip bots could fit within the full stop at the end of this sentence."
I did not knowingly alter the font size.
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Eternal vigilance.
Also the price of democratic anything - republic, nomad tribunal, kingdom (uninherited, of course, so possibly better for corporate capitalism).

As for the medical hopes so unconvincingly claimed by the interviewees, seemingly as prompted by the interviewer: They are heavily politicized.

That's not what anyone wants to hear on this forum, but it's an inevitable consequence of the intersection of several political trends in the US that ends up involving (to the point of directing and crippling) major aspects of most nonmilitary but politically significant research science. Doing harm at nanobot scale would be a much simpler design task than doing good, and probably even more highly paid (especially in the near future), which makes harm more likely than good from human character flaw as well as accident or "natural" disaster - the audible stretch toward the end as the researchers imagine their guys recognizing and killing cancer cells is the creak in the door of half the horror movies ever made.

Without eternal vigilance, there's still a chance the nations or tribes picking over the remains of the Noble Experiment may steal or adopt the foundations of our greatest extensions and achievements - the Bill of Rights and New Deal, extraordinary institutionalized advances in agricultural practices and city public health prior to the later 1980s - but it's not only me for which that won't be the same; so many people had so much hope for this one. And nanobots are merely one minor potential stumbling block.

And with eternal vigilance, which would include non-fascistic Federal and State governance, the possible benefits just to the citizenry of the US are huge, wondrous, possibly in genetic engineering or fusion power territory.
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re vigilance: One sign of trouble might be any unusual efforts to make their nanos durable, harder to kill than they need to be for the designed, envisioned, or admitted, tasks.
Another might be arms races between private corporate nano builders in obscure and expensive attributes of no clearly apparent, envisioned, or admitted, likely use.