Then God is not omnipotent?
He is, he just delegates. :wink:

Invincibility is the demon responsible for the fall of archangel Lucifer. The demon faught omnipotence and the angel of knowledge was cast to the earth in order for the heavens to not be ignorant of human suffering that was now free to torment helpless earthlings as God's omnipotence could only defend him.
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You didn't answer my question.

Men cannot create universes.
Since 'men' is plural, one of them couldn't be a supreme being and still be a man.
You do know you create your own universe right? It's the only one that matters to you.

All I'll say is that 9/11 knocked the human condition of course for almost 20 years. I was directly involved, no blame, I was innocent. No I'm not bin laden!