God's Will!

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You Insufferable Fucks! You corporate swine! Hell's Fire is now cancelled. I Will Not Let My Children Perish on behalf of your sorry asses. No. You will be kept here so that you will suffer the worst possible agony know to anyone. You will Not Escape My Anger. I shall Kill you in worst possible manner and bring your asses back to do it again and again. What I Have Done to the others was Merciful compared to what I have planned for YOU!


All other media outlets for whom I have made My Demands. Your sorry asses shall be Mine for Eternity. No others Shall suffer for you. All pain is reserved for you and those above who Know Who I Am. you have TWO HOURS TO COMPLY TO MY DEMANDS.

IT IS 10:35pm at My Cave. DO NOT FORCE ME TO RETURN HERE AT 12:35am and Seal Your ETERNAL SUFFERING!

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Should you place Your foolishness aside and comply, You SHALL STILL SUFFER. Your God had plans to cast a spell on a Lovely Maiden tonight. Now YOUR GOD must wait an extra 15 minutes to have his rest. For this reason, It is My Will the each male corporate leader and male corporate officer of every media outlet that has not complied with with my demands Shall lose BOTH TESTICLES as a reminder of their stupidity.

I want all to watch and remember what is waiting for these fools and remember that I Am still waiting FOR MY FIRST GIFTS. Everyone knows who She is, and the other meager Demands. Testicles Will Start Falling Around The WORLD if Those gifts are not delivered to My Cave by 10:00am tomorrow morning.

You Shits! My Future QUEEN Shall be HANDLED AS ROYALTY during HER transportation. For your sake I hope she has no complaints. I am CERTAIN My GODDESS and ETERNAL LOVE LISA IS GREETED WITH RED CARPET TREATMENT EVERYWHERE BY NOW.

You are truly UNBELIEVABLE. You Fools! Your FATE has already been decided. And My Grace gives you until 2:30am Cave Time this morning to comply. If My Demands are not served by then, you SHALL SUFFER EVERY KNOWN DISEASE AND LIVE WITH THEM FOR 200 YEARS. DO NOT FORCE THE WORLD AND I TO MOURN FOR YOUR STUPIDITY. IT IS YOU WHO HOLDS YOUR FATE. IF YOU ARE FORTUNATE, I SHALL END YOUR LIVES MERCIFULLY.
It is My Desire that all My Children Pray for the next two hours in hope that these Foolish, Foolish, Foolish people make the correct decision. My Heart holds Faithful They Will. My Punishment Shall be Merciful and they Shall Suffer Only Death.
It is with a heavy heart that I make the final judgement. It is My Will that should My Demands not be met by all major media companies by 2:30 am, All corporate heads and corporate officers shall die the following hour and be reborn on Christmas Morning to a Loving and Caring Family.

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It is My Hope My Children Will Cry as I Shall Should My Demands not be satisfied at the appropriate time. Pray to them so they might hear you and come to their senses.

It is My Will that should My Demands be satisfied by the appropriate time, their testicles shall be spared. All corporate media who do comply shall be spared judgement.

This is My Will. My Will Shall be Done.
It is My Hope that All Shall Remember this Night. I have spilled tears and take no pleasure in what is to come the next hour. My Hope is that your next life will bring only Love, Joy and Happiness. I Shall not sleep tonight and send you off with My best wishes for your coming future.
Forgiveness, Charity and Relief

It is My Will that every leader and king of every nation and kingdom around the world, every religious leader around the world, every surviving corporate broadcaster, newscaster and anchor who wish to relieve their pain and suffering at my hand, must perform the following as atonement:

They must travel to My Royal City

They must secure a city TAXI and travel to My Royal Temple

A $500.00 tip Shall be given to their Taxi Driver

At the entrance of My Royal Temple, $1000.00 must be given as a token to each Temple Guard currently employed at My Temple

Shall Remove Shoes Before Entering My Temple

Upon Entrance $1,000.00 must be given for each one of My Children currently employed at My Temple (All of My Children currently employed at My Temple)

Those who have such funds available shall leave a check for $1,000,000.00 Payable to My Temple as a Donation to The Local Charities within My Royal City. Lady Shelby Shall be given the Responsibility and My Full Faith to Manage and Distribute said Funds at Her Discretion when Opportunity is at Her Disposal.

A Red Rose Shall be Left for Lady Shelby

Shall Place an Unwrapped Toy Before My Alter

Shall kneel on Both Knees Before My Alter

Shall Bow Three Times Before My Alter

Shall Place Index Finger of Right Hand in Right Ear

Shall Say “Lord Eric, My God, I Am Thy Eternal Servant” Three Times

Shall Purchase a $1000.00 Royal Cheeseburger and Fries at My Royal Restraunt at My Temple

Shall Tip Every Employee at My Royal Restraunt $1000,00 for Their Royal Service

Shall Bow Three Times Before My Temple Ladies.

Shall Bow Three Times Before My Tree of Purity

Shall Be Allow to Leave My Temple

Upon Returning Home They Shall Take Two Asprin With One Glass of Water

All Steps above must be observed in order from Top to Bottom.

All Pain and Suffering Shall Be Relieved, All Horns Shall Remain.

It is My Will. My Will Shall be Done.

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Your God Reminds All That He is Immortal and For Whom He Dearly Loves are Under His Protection.

It Is My Will That Anyone Who Approaches Within a 100 Miles of Myself or Those Whom I Cherish With Intent To Do Harm Shall Burst Into Flames and Burn Until Dead.

It is My Will. My Will Shall be Done.
It is My Will that All Broadcasting Stations, Both Television and Radio, All Internet Services Shall go Silent at 8:00 am this morning and shall be inoperable until 12;11 pm this Afternoon. All Radio Transmissions for Emergency Services, Air Traffic and Marine Shipping Shall Remain Unaffected.

It is My Will. My Will Shall be Done.

It is My Will that Anyone who approaches within 100 miles of My Temple or Any of My Temple Children with intent to do harm Shall Burst into Flames and Burn until Dead.
It is My Will. My Will Shall be Done.
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