GuruNanda - Video # 1 Teaching Yoga Laughter for Anxiety, Stress, Disease, Depression

Laughter without some object of humor is like trying to sustain yourself with pictures of food. Ultimately hollow and pointless.
Whenever I see someone laughing for no obvious reason, I distance myself, and wait for the IED to go off...
Oh gee, thanks for discrediting the gurunanda guys. I read this morning that the path towards genuine spirituality can have its pitfalls. Here's one explanation of such:

"I find it interesting that once the ego is broken down (as a start to spiritual attainment) it must then again, be re-built (to a supposedly more virtuous state) or otherwise, schizophrenic problems develop. It is this last step that the ego losers seem never to consider and part of the reason why I like to talk about the East's problem with differentiating between authentic spiritual experience and psychosis." Illuminism.pdf

Reality is determined in such an experience however.