Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..

Happy summer solstice in hot parts of Australia. Now in the hotter areas of the world south of the equator the sun will recede northward over the next six months.
psst: The new year started at the solstice. The earth ain't flat. The big bang was not a god fart.

Many people seem to be excited about the new year, but the new year in itself will be nothing special. As we enter into the new year things will be the same; there will be nothing unusual. However, if we really want the next year to be happier, more peaceful and more harmonious for humankind we will have to make the effort to make it so. This is in our hands, ...

We have had many experiences during this past year - constructive as well as extremely destructive ones. We must learn from these experiences. We need to approach the next year more holistically, with more openness and farsightedness.

(ok, that was a modified rip from Lhamo Dondrub)