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I will start the forum (thank you Dave) on this topic. Sometime ago, I posted the following on another board.

As a follower of Sanatana Dharma, it was easy for me to understand Gene Roddenberry’s vision as a Humanist. In this topic, I will try to show the connection between the 10,000 year old way of life, religion, God, Gene’s vision, Computer Technology, Gene manipulation, Star Trek and create a foundation with the help of Gene’s visionary fans such that this will be a working copy of the process that becomes a catalyst to bring about Gene’s vision in to reality.
In doing so I respectfully invite only those participants that are willing to volunteer with the above objective – otherwise it will distract us from the path. This is an idea and I would like to get some feedback to see if we have enough Gene’s fans to work on this interesting project. It may take several years but the payback will be big.
Why bring Sanatana Dharma (SD) in to it? We need some legitimacy to the Humanism because present western religion is anti-humanism. Some one once told me – if scientists find the cure for cancer with a simple no-side-effect pill, do you think American Cancer Society will close its door? May be!
During the Vedic period (1500 BC and before) people had a peaceful existence. Needs were met and differences between rich and poor was a flat bell curve. We do not know for sure if people were really happy but the philosophy and ideas they left us if applied today will make a better society than what we have. Major part of that philosophy coincides with Gene’s philosophy.
There is a big difference between present Hinduism that has been influenced by local greedy power-hungry priests and invaders from north and west since the Vedic period. A lot of well-educated Indians feel that way and the process are being in place to change the downward trend.
SD philosophy is not based on a belief system. That is ‘this is the way it is’ or that ‘this is my interpretation and you must accept it’ type scenarios. Dharma means ‘Way of Life’ – it has nothing to do with religion. It is more like Vulcan Philosophy – believe it or not, it is right here on Earth. I would like to emphasize that I am not trying to convert any one from their ‘Belief System’ to a ‘Way of Life’. Simply if we can use someone else’s prior work, we do not have to re-invent the wheel.
Since 200 AD, this planet has been inundated with religions with various forms. Why, because the originators are well meaning people who tried to solve complex social issues with new guidelines but inadvertently created their own religion that became incompatible with someone else’s. From Mohammed to Gautama (Buddha), to Joseph Smith to myriads of Cults….
With our exponential progress in technology and social awareness, internet and education, globalization of commerce – starting a new religion or reinterpreting an old one will not work. What is needed is a common foundation based on social logic and guess what! Humanism.
We will continue to develop this theme with your help….in the meantime…What type of society we wish for? (jump in with your wish list)

You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees & the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Some of the definitions we will use (my defs)

Sanatana Dharma

Sanatana: Eternal
Dharma: Way of Life

Any way of life that when practiced by majority of people can provide peace, happiness and prosperity for mankind for eternity is THE WAY OF LIFE.

I practice Jnana Yoga

Jnana: Knowledge
Yoga: Into, Union, Merge, Path

a framework within which the self optimally utilizes its resources and processes to anticipate future opportunities, changes and threats, to continuously renew itself for sustenance, survival and growth in mind , body and spirit.

Hope that helps
In Eastren ways of thought, I know nothing. I have never been "exposed to it". I have no basis to say yea, nea, or whatever. So as far as I am concerned it is a blank slate. So I will listen with no judgement but with a critical ear. Not critical for what fault I can find but rather if the key fits.

It certianly must have something going for it, after all there are literally millions of people who follow for some reason. And that reason is not known to me. Should it be? I would like the option of knowing.
A side comment:

You might wonder what happened to "Gene’s visionary fans " that I was soliciting help from? ...and how the story end?

Well, they were no where to be found, none that wanted to contribute on this basis. So need less to say, I got some criticism, distractions and the whole thing fizzled out.

This is a start. Somewhere I compared SD with Kabala, I can not find the posting yet.
The common ancestor of this way of thinking is rooted just before or around Old Testament. I find Kabala interpretation to be as close to SD as I can get. Once we can get there, it will be easier to follow the thread.

For readings in Kabala which has some links goto


Also Google search on the topic. I have seen a great site, as soon as I find it, I will provide the link. Any Jewish faith persons, please help me out here for a good link.
There is a lot of info here to be worked through. It seems to have basis in astrology and tarot (waite deck pictured if I am not mistaken) I will eventually work my way through this but it will take some time.
First I thought it is misleading to teach materialism under the topic "Hinduism", but the Britannica confirmed, that materialism is also included:
What Every Hindu Ought to Know
Hindu Students CouncilRating: Basic summary of Hinduism intended for other Hindus, primarily men. Advocates a kind of Hinduism called Sanatana Dharma, or Eternal Religion. Provides information on a number of features of Hinduism, including Vedic scripture, the six philosophical systems (darshana), the four yogas or sadhanas ( disciplines ), several rituals, the importance of temples, and the celebration of festivals. Also offers many opinions about secularism, women and Hinduism, ethics, Hinduism and world politics, Indian politics, and materialism.
Nevertheless this does not correspond with my world-view:
Thanks for the invitation kmguru :)

I'm glad you would like to hear my views on the subject but it may not be what you want to hear. Or then again it might be.

A society that I would like would be one that is aware of sin. But also aware of Jesus christ as Lord and Saviour. If people realized that sin was wrong and not of God they would turn back to God and thus be saved. I would hope anyway.

Any way of life that when practiced by majority of people can provide peace, happiness and prosperity for mankind for eternity is THE WAY OF LIFE.

kmguru, if I may ask a question. Would this give a true or a false sense of peace? Bare in mind I am not trying to attack you or your views but asking.

I think if everyone did believe these things. Then yes, there would be peace among majority. However, if people were forced to believe in a system then this would definitely be a false sense of peace. But then what about the minority in either situaltion. They would be cast out. Anyway, that is what I think.

I think if everyone did believe these things. Then yes, there would be peace among majority. However, if people were forced to believe in a system then this would definitely be a false sense of peace.

Deadwood, let us look the situation at somewhat in an objective manner. In Hinduism (or more like SD) it is permitted to argue and look at a philosophical level. Hinduism is a blend of philosophy and belief system. Once we drop to the belief system, it does not matter what your argument is, debate is useless.

Now, I agree with you on the forced belief system. And that is the problem. To live in a society in peace, you need certain rules. In a democracy, you have to believe in democracy, if you are forced to it, you may have to leave town.

It is the right thing to do for our species. The SD definition does not exclude any ideas, thoughts or beliefs as long as it meets the requirement. Try your beliefs, if it does meet the acid test, then that is included in the way of life.

Food for thought: In US, we have speed limits on any public highways. Do you think, people who buy Viper, or Lambroghini obey the speed limit everytime? If not then why do we sell them?Why we do not require a blackbox to be installed inside the car that records the speed?
As I understand it, if you test the way of life against the longivity of that way of life, you will find that certain actions have inimical consequences. That consequences may result the destruction of that society.

Ten commandments are good examples. If you break one or more rules and the society is based on the opposite of those rules, how long do you think, that society as a whole will last?

As you know, in a civilized society, law makers feel bound to make laws every session and in a couple of thousand years, you will have a few million laws you must obey to live in that society. Sometimes, it is difficult to know, what is fair and what is not. The definition is another way of looking in to what is just and what is not. If the common people find that it is unjust, then they can do something about it, assuming of course it is a democracy. Since moral and ethical laws are difficult to make (but done all the time - like cloning and stem cell research), it could be checked in a broader sense.

A definition is not the only item for all the complexities in a society, same way the US Constitution is not the only item for gevernance. It is a guide for other rules and clarifications. But without a fundamental principle, you can not build a robust society and hence the definition.
As you know, in a civilized society, law makers feel bound to make laws every session and in a couple of thousand years, you will have a few million laws you must obey to live in that society.

You are right that there a more laws being made then being gotten rid of. This reminds me of the law still in effect in Australia it is a crime to wear slippers in public. This is because in the olden days when people had wooden floors there wood be no prints left on the floor if you were a burglar. So basically back then if you saw someone wearing slippers out in public, chances were that person was a criminal. Thus, I don't wear slippers in public, though I am tempted to. But I don't exactly want to go to court.
Too many laws and nobody goesback to clean it up. There should be a judicial panel just to review these laws and see what is applicable. Otherwise someday when the computers take over, they would not look the other way. If you are walking on a slipper in public and the automated camera picks it up, it can in theory recognize who you are and send you a ticket for say $50 fine.

Then all hell will break loose....
Some shops in Australia have a camera that taes your image when you walk in and the computer will match it to a database and warn the shop keeper if that person has ever been convicted a criminal. (eg shoplifter, armed hold up person).

Pretty interesting, but the question on the minds of human rights people is if it is ethical.
That goes against Christianity, redemption, crime/punishment, and is detrimental to society as whole. Here is why.

You wanted to feed your family. Because you did not have a job for a while, you steal and go to jail, pay your dues of say 3 months, comeback, and try to be a productive member of the society. But you can not, because you can not go anywhere and expect any service from anybody. You will be treated as if you have contagious desease. You are a prisoner of your own society for mistakes you made (and paid for) in the past.

The next step: The insurance agencies will demand that you have a gps/lojack system that will alert if you obey traffic laws. If you do not, they will drop the insurance.

Your genetic file will be used to charge insurance premium. Soon, if you sneeze it will cost you money. It will be like the "Demolition Man". You swear publicly, you get a ticket.

If you think, violence is today, you will get more not less...
I think that this is mainly for repeat offenders. Also, if the person has been on the run then you can use it for that. But as you say, it is definitely a privacy issue, and privacy is something that I personally value.