hobo ray...


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I have a odd feeling that this will go to the cespool, but here it goes... One day when i was driving somewhere my friend said "Why don't we take all the money from welfare, and build a gaint ray gun mounted on a satilite. Put tracking chips in hobos (which they accaully are doing I think =_) Have the ray gun track and zap every hobo." =P Just wondering what sci-peeps would think about this?? LOL
Hey !
Hold on now...!!

All those "hobos" are potential draftees- I mean "volunteers" for Amerika's continued crusade to make the world safe for the consumerist ideal- I mean Democracy

Don't be proposin' we kill off our manpower pool, now, son...
Them's 'Mer'can patriots jes' waitin' fer a guidin' hand...

Lazewski said:
i know i would join the miliatary if i got decent meals and a gun

Well... you'd get MREs, which, having consumed, I'm not sure I can call "decent"... but you would get a gun...

but then again, i'm a hobo; who cares what i think?

You're not a hobo, laddiebuck!
You're a potential Crusader...! A nascent Stormtrooper for The American Way...!! A Possible Jolly Green Giant... Walking The Earth... With A Big Ol' GUN...!!!

Cry OOH - RAH !!!
And flip on Full Automatic !!!
MREs are a field day for me buddy, and me being a hobo, which i'm thrifty and all, i'm gonna have to stop on three-shot burst
is lazewski realy homeless? hows he on here? with no home and no money?
Well if he doens't keep coming back after the ray gun is built. We'll find out won't we ^_~
if they did that then i dont think they could make the laser fine enough to hit just one person. and if they did, wouldnt it be a bit weak? why not just nuke america.
Logically unsound I agree with your logic... We should all help to form the NAEC (nuke america except canada)
... japan is in asia no matter how much we import... I WOULD NEVER NUKE JAPAN ANYWAYS LOL!!!!
ahhhahahah let me think.

do those two kids who were eith the nice guy who survived escape together?
no thats too un violent.
does the nice guy who survived turn into his 'mega' form and destroy the world?