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I don't think real Christians are to be obsessed about their appearance.

Real Christians also don't live for money.

Real Christians also don't follow any other leader besides God.
Too much drama.:rolleyes:

Yeah, THAT'S why!! :rolleyes:
It has nothing at all to do with having to live up to all the bullshit she built up.

This is coming form the one who started all this drama by insisting everyone else post their pictures?

Tell us again about how you are waiting for your "computer guy" to get back into town because you don't know how to post a picture (while you post a picture of someone else claiming it is you).

You are so full of it, and fool no one.
And we believe you. But, I won't post my real opinion, too much drama.

I will... I'm a drama queen... or at least I'm all up inna that wild speculation stuff.

I kinda think she probb'ly looks more like Kristie Alley than Christie Brinkley, but figured "what's in a name", or something like that there...

I'm just sayyin'.
Quit posting pictures of everything you claim to be and post a real picture. If you can't do that, then shut the hell up because everyone thinks you have a penis anyway.
You and your personal-attacking friends blew any chance to see anymore pics of me. You already know what I look like.
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