How many languages / What languages do you speak?

How many languages are you fluent in?

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Cool new subforum addition! I was wondering if anyone would ever add something like this.

Despite my screenname, I am not fluent in Italiano. Working on that, slowly but surely.

I have an enormous amount of interest in linguistics, but my shifting priorities and moods sometimes make it difficult for me make headway in studying, as well as other things. :(

How many languages are you fluent in?

If bi-lingual (or more), how and/or why did you learn those languages?

And I'm pleased to say that I'm the first to post in this new subforum. Excellent!:eek:
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Now you're welcome!

German and English. Swedish-wannabe and Italian-poorly.

Took Deutsch in high school. Learned some beyond that on my own time, but sadly I've neglected it more than I would like.
Svenska seems interesting. For Germanic languages, I'd really like to learn Dutch.

Also some Slavic languages, mostly some swears and bad words. :D
Polish seems interesting, if I were to learn a Slavic language.
I know english & gujarati very well, than comes in spanish for a strong third than Hindi as a weak fourth.

I'm fluent in English and Latvian,
understand everything in Russian, can read it, but sometimes speaking gets hard,
I'm currently learning Spanish with my eyes set on French after that.
English is my native tongue, but I'm also pretty good in Spanish. I learned Spanish in high school and "on the job". Since I have a Spanish last name, I used to get all the Spanish speaking patients in our group practice. I'm now fluent as far as doing an eye exam goes, but just OK otherwise.

This gets me in trouble sometimes as some of my patients think I speak perfect Spanish based on my performance during the exam. They soon learn otherwise.
I did French in school, I studied Spanish for nearly a year, know a lot of Italian through study and similarity to Spanish and I know a lot of Polish people so I know basic Polish verb conjugation and phrases.

I also studied Irish Gaelic for 8 years
Genji is English Only.:( I know several revolutionary slogans in Spanish but even that is getting rusty. I wish I knew several languages. Certainly Spanish and then French, German, Russian, Japanese.