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Do all countries have the same name for other countries or even their own countries. What is the greatest desparities of country names? How do you say Germany in greek etc?
As far as I can tell germany seems to have the most varying name in other languages (probably because the nation was made up of many germanic tribes) the ones I am familiar with.

germany (english)
Allemange ?sp (french, and most latin languages I know of)
Tysk (pro. tisk) (norweigan, I belive it is similar in danish and swedish too)
Neemansky (russian)

All I know, maybe others can add more languages to the list for us.
The sound of the y in "Tysk" is different in Danish, still same spelling

I think all countries have there own spelling of the names of other countries.
Kunax said:
The sound of the y in "Tysk" is different in Danish, still same spelling

I think all countries have there own spelling of the names of other countries.

True but what I meant was that the sound of the words for germany are very different almost unrelated as opposed to say the word for france in those languages I listed which are very similar phonetically.
Well, the tribes may have played a role in the names of Germany. I suppose Allemange (french) was derived from a prominent germanic tribe called "Allemannen" which resembles the words "Alle Mannen", roughly translated it would equal "Everyone". Since that tribe was widespread and bordered on what is France today, the name might have indeed been used to describe everyone from around here.

Tysk? Well, I really don´t know, there were many dialects spoken in the early German times. Perhaps it was the name of a tribe in the north?

The Germans themself were only a tribe, but one that also became very prominent. Until the "Holy roman reich of german nation" (or something like that, I never tried to translate Heiliges römisches Reich deutscher Nation).
It then became commonly known as Germany.
This would be Germania in the german tongue (also the name of an ancient local goddess) but every German calls it "Deutschland"....

Well, but considering other countries names, they seem to be pretty consistent. There don´t seem to be so many discrepancies. Except the far eastern countries like China or Japan, which are called Zhonggou and Nippon by local inhabitants (But I don´t know how they are written in the native script)
Canada is Canada. In Canada, we will mostly call the United States "The States". We don't tend to call them "America" because America ( North America and South America) consists of many countries.
tracker: Does the 2 have the same sound as the 2 in english ?

I see, fiddling a little using bablefish, my browser does not support cyrolic chars but anyway
what is Canada called by the french speaking part of Canada.. La Canada?
from what I know
Latvia in Latvian -> Latvija
in English -> Latvia
in French -> Lettonie
in German -> Letland

Neemansky (russian)
I know russian and "germany" in it sounds nothing like it
it sounds more like-> Gjermanjia
Njemec is a German person (a german)
From around 1850 to - 187x Prussian annexed or in other ways manage to unify the german people into the German empire under the prussian king, Wilhelm I.
Ofcause the entire storie is a bit longer but perhaps the "Deutschland" comes from this unification?... then again...
in Estonia:

america = ameerika
england = inglismaa
france = prantsusmaa
japan = jaapan
canada = kanada
germany = saksamaa
china = hiina
russia = venemaa
finland = soome
swedland = rootsi
denmark = taani
In Latvia:
below Estonia
America = Amerika
England = Anglija
(United Kingdom = Apvienotaa Karaliste)
France = Francija
Japan = Japaana
Canada = Kanaada
Germany = Vaacija
China = Kjiina
Russia = Krievija
Finland = Somija
Sweden = Zviedrija
Denmark = Daanija
Estonia = Igaunija :p
Lithuania = Lietuva
Portugal = Portugaale
Japanese call japan [nihon] the language [nihongo]
they call english (im guessing that includes american) language eago. i have yet to learn america thou.. =(
From a dutch street perspective: AMERICA --> Amerika
From a dutch government perspective: USA ---> Verenigde Staten

- the netherlands (uk & usa government speak) or
- holland (uk & usa street speak, refferes to "hollow land, below sealevel"
- niederlande or holland (german)
- pays bas (france)

BTW: pretty remarkable that estonions call sweden "rootsi", do estonions have their roots in sweden?
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In Danish:

Norway = Norge
Sweden = Sverige
Denmark = Danmark
Finland = Finland
Estonia = Estland
Lithuania = Letland
Russia = Rusland
China = Kina
Japan = Japan
Germany = Tyskland
Dutchland = Holland, Nederlandene
France = Frankrig
Portugal = Portugal
England = England
Canada = Kanada
America = Amerika

heh taani, rootsi wonder where that comes from :)
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in japanese:

japan - nihon or nippon
china - chuugoku
america - amerika
germany - doitsu
france - furansu
australia - oosutoreeria
new zealand - njuujiirando
england - igurishi
canada - kanada

the only ones that are different for reasons other thna lack of characters are:
china, because they have intertwined histories and chuugoku means king land or something
and germany, which is doitsu from the german word for geramny: deutsch(pronounced doitch)