I am Bella.


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I'm bored and lonely and I have found that those two things are not a good combination. So here I am.
Hi! Bella! Welcome to the forum! You know, me too i feel blue sometimes, but life is easier if you give a
chance to see the opposite of those thoughts. If you need someone to talk, i'm here, i am a good friend.
If you give love, it will return to you love a thousand times. It's call "attraction". If you give hate, it will
return to you hate. Try it and you will see!
I Love you xxx
(i'm a girl by the way, and not a lesbo, not that there's anything wrong with that.)
Welcome to the Sciforums, new members.

I am never bored and do not do lonely either, sorry. :eek: Those things are neither fun or necessary so I just pass on them. ;)