Identified Flying Object over LA

I've been abducted by aliens, no joke repeatedly, as a teenager, but I have come to believe it was a figment of my imagination, my obsession at the time with aliens-UFO culture, and sleep paralysis.

Also I have hear of many sightings of fairies, santa claus, unicorns, etc, bigfoot, jackalop, dropbear, etc, either these things are real... or a outlet for our imaginations and superstitions, occums razor favors the former. but it could be a little of both in some cases, for example:

What it looks like is there is some truth that is then exaggerated into supernatural phenomena, so a real phenomena that is then imagined to be much more, like a beautiful rocket launch being interpreted as aliens.

This is what i mean. This is not paranormal phenomena. This is merely misidentified objects like most ufo's.
You should tell Magical Realist all about how bigfoot is a made-up being.

Well, if a creature existed before, its almost zero likelihood today. This is because this is simple to deduct as its a physical corporeal being and there would be some physical evidence or remains or someone would have caught one by now. Really, its more clever than humans to evade for this long? This is also because there is not much virgin and undiscovered areas where people have not tread or where some type of research is going on.

It doesnt mean that its impossible but unlikely.

Also, because its just my personal opinion of videos ive seen look like someone in a costume.
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