Im Gonna See Bowie!!!


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I'm going to see David Bowie!!!

and Moby and Busta Rhymes, but BOWIE!!!!!!

feel free to be envious
:cool: Wauw! :cool: Now that's real cool...yeah! :cool:

I've been to a concert of David bowie, way, way back in 1983. :) "The Serious Moon-light Tour".

It was wonderful, what a show, really! :) :) It was over before we knew it, tho he played 2 and a half hours. It was Magic...

We had field tickets and stood within 10 metres of the podium. It was awsome! :) He gave his performance in the football stadium in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. (guess you call it soccer, not football). Then, UB40 was touring with him. Was a good performance too.

Man, I'm jealous!
When and where does he perform? Tell me please...:)
Go on ticket master and look for the: Area 2 Tour. He is playing with Moby and Busta Rhymes. We got seats!!!!!!!

And Adam, were you quoting Monty Python's "the life of Brian"?
I don't really remember that show. I was quoting The Young Ones.