Impeach Xev?

Should Xev be impeached?

  • Yes Xev is not worthy of being a moderator (impeach Xex)

    Votes: 33 45.8%
  • Yes Xev is a wacko, but still a OK moderator (Do no impeach Xev)

    Votes: 20 27.8%
  • No Xev is alright as a person and moderator (Do not impeach Xev)

    Votes: 19 26.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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This is based on the thread by Randolfo that he forgot to place a poll on:
Randolfo please state your evidence for why you think Xev should be impeached and this time try to get more and better evidence.

If anyone wants to state evidence for their opinions please do, but be prepared to refreance your claims! This is not going to become a "I like s/he / Don't like s/he" banning poll were almost everyone states no evidence to there opinions or claims and just sit around bitching at each other! :mad:
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DIE XEV.... just kidding

I really don't care. Hey, how about I become a moderator! What a great idea ILIkeSAlt. I am an absolute genius. yay, I will be the new moderator.
I think Xev is a prophet - pure evil speaks thru her. Yum.

All hail Xev!
You people are making me cry! if your going to post please have something constructive to say, something serious, please!
You people are making me cry! if your going to post please have something constructive to say, something serious, please!
Then chew on this- so this Rondolfo character gets emotionally entrenched on a thread one day and since there is little else going on his life (not to mention WellcookedFeoteus') he decides to create his own thread asking the peasentry whether or not so and so is fit to be a moderator in this forum.

The man said:

Randolfo: "I think that as a "moderator", Xev continues to act her childish self, I think that her cussing & taunting should at a minimum result in her losing this position. She acts like a child, not an adult, therefore, why should she have adult responsibilities? Banish her to the masses of Sciforums, like the rest of us. Let some more mature person take the reins.
Is she moderate, is she fair & balanced?"

where withal we find him quoting his target as "evidence":

"Xev: I am indeed a racist. This is pretty much the only thing you've gotten right about me so far.
I am also, to a degree, a racial seperatist.
What is your point? Please post one.
Also, as a moderator I'd ask you not to cross post, and not to attempt to stir up flame wars."

But just like a miedieval little Christian he's censored reality to his own liking so that the general public would be none the wiser.

He left out what happened aftwerwards. Prime example, Gendanken asks the person in question what the fuck she meant by her (Xev) being a racist or a seperatist, her answer:

Now - races or ethnicities, at this point I don't give enough of a shit to explain the differentiation to the sheeple - obviously have different characters and traditions. Are those characters shared? Of course - we are humans first. It would be odd indeed if we didn't share many characteristics.

The current cultural trend is to take a bit of this and a bit of that from each culture. Ideology in the U.S, and increasing immigration in Europe, has led to a state in which the "universal human spirit" is simple marketing to the lowest common denominator.

I like diversity. Unlike the cocksuckers who celebrate diversity, I actually think that diversity is a good thing.
And for diversity to exist, distinction is necessary.

Thus, supporting distinction is necessary.

Read the last two lines. Only those hung up on traditional confines will continue getting worked up over semantics.

Also, the man left out this:

Xev: You're...tiresomely earnest. My Slavonic pride is to a great extent tounge in cheek - how you fail to notice this is quite beyond me. If I was the sort of person you attempt to caricature me as, then I would be prancing about talking about my superior Teutonic blood.

Heritage is something one is mindful of - it's hardly something one is truely proud of.

A hundred bucks to the man who brings me proof the girl is a bigot. Good luck.
Actually gendanken it was this guy who said to make this thread:

Porfiry said:
This thread needs a poll.
So if you want to aim insults at somebody please be my guest and shoot at him.

Take your mouse and click out of this thread.
Then dig for Rondolfo's thread and click on it.
Look up at the upper left corner.
Notice the locked symbol.

Rondolfo has an interest in being here and so do all those who wished to ban the moderator based on Randolfo's 'cute' evidence in his thread. Consider my presence here setting the record straight and demanding fair play since I cannot do so in a closed thread.

I'm not being insulting.
Yet another anti-Xev thread? I should begin keeping count.

Or would that take too long to entertain me?

-- Long live the Female Messiah!
and why is it lock? Go look at the bottom of the last page. What's it say???

It says, "This thread needs a poll"

And what the fuck this has to do with the reasons I just gave you for my being here are beyond me. Cosmically.
You wanted me to notice it was locked, I already did and when I noticed why I decided to do something about it.

I'm not here to Impeach Xev rather I just want to know how many others agree that she not exactly got all her marbles in the right place, if you know what I mean.

If you wish to state you claim that Xev should stay, that fine, but I’m not the one to attack about it.
Then pardon.

Now......uhhmm........well..........................fuck off.

(the fuck off is foil. I can't stand apologizing.)
Damnation Persol, how low is thy threshold?
Geez, lighten the fuck up.


Go here to see my theory on his behavior:
Who's behavior? Mine?

Interesting. But not as interesting as the theories supposedly there.
Allright...posting in the cool thread...i feel cool now...coolness

WCF - Futile effort. It will taken an act short of killing another human being for Xev to be removed from her position or get banned. Heck she may even get away with murder.

Gendanken - Yup...I agree.

Randolfo - To each his own.

Persol - ...

Sargentlard - Shut the fuck up...seriously
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