Impeller without brake. Propellant VEEG-HEPSY by Víctor Elias Espinoza Guedez




Very affectionately,
Víctor Elias Espinoza Guedez
We place a separator to the turbine, and thus, the power turbine can breathe better. Without destroying the plastic bag or lung.

The turbine is electric not of fuel, to compress air going to the planets of the Solar system and out of the Solar System.

Do you understand the VEEG-HEPSY system?

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
You really shouldn't elaborate on this design until you confirm that it works based on a scale model. Where is your model? (not a drawing).
Where's the Space Shuttle Orbiter? Without a photoshopped Space Shuttle to make it look cool, your design just looks like a couple of plastic bags on an airplane. Now if you had a Space Shuttle it would look cool and high tech.
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Encontré una manera de usar turbinas de aire comprimido en el espacio. Esta turbina no usa combustible, sino, un motor eléctrico y no sé cuanta presión puede comprimir una turbina de un motor de electricidad.

El funcionamiento del propulsor VEEG-HEPSY es encoger la bolsa plástica mientras se llena la turbina y luego engruesar la bolsa plástica mientras sopla la turbina. Y repetir el proceso todo el tiempo.

Reducir el tamaño de la bolsa plástica y aumentar el tamaño de la bolsa plástica. Este es el proceso del propulsor VEEG-HEPSY sin que el aire frene, sino, que infle un globo de cualquier forma y de un gran tamaño.

Para empezar el funcionamiento de un propulsor de éste modelo, hay que sacarle el aire, yo diría que la mitad del aire de la bolsa plástica entera. Para que quede espacio a inflar, luego éste aire que infló la bolsa volverá a la turbina y es allí dónde se encogerá el tamaño de la bolsa plástica nuevamente.

Todo esto debe ocurrir en un tiempo muy rápido, para eso la bolsa debe estar en un recipiente al vacío.

Si queremos viajar con una turbina de avión Jet, tenemos que usar este proceso, sino, nunca alcanzarán distancias increíbles en poco tiempo. Se pueden usar varias turbinas Jet con un motor eléctrico de 110 voltios. Me imagino una nave espacial con 20 turbinas Jet y la velocidad que alcanzará en el espacio vacío. Creo que llegarían a otra estrella con la fuerza de 40 turbinas Jet.

Logré la manera de impulsarnos con turbinas sin freno, usando una bolsa de plástico y su flexibilidad para que no frene el aire que sale de una turbina.

EJEMPLO: Espero que entiendan el funcionamiento, es muy fácil después de descubierto, es como si tú sujetaras una bolsa de plástico con las manos, le sacas el aire y te la colocas en la boca. El aire de tus pulmones llenará la pequeña bolsa en tus manos y luego respiras hacia dentro de tu pulmón y el aire de la bolsa volverá al pulmón, valga la redundancia y bolsa sujetada en tus manos se quedará sin aire. Este es el proceso inflar y reducir con un mismo aire que está en tu pulmón una bolsa de plástico sujetada con tus manos y vacía. Es un proceso que no produce freno. Espero que hayan entendido éste ejemplo: soplar con la boca y aspirar.

Muy afectuosamente,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
EXAMPLE: Blowing and sucking a plastic bag with the mouth.
All my aerospace manufacturing technicians speak English only. Production of our spaceship will be halted until we get this translated.
All my aerospace manufacturing technicians speak English only. Production of our spaceship will be halted until we get this translated.

"put big blue plastic bags over the engines of an airplane and fire them up."

Just make sure to throttle back before you hit the Moon.
1) How are you powering the turbines without fuel?
Without fuel. The turbines should turn with an electric motor.

2) If you're using jet fuel, then what do the plastic bag contribute, other than as FOD (foreign object damage)? What are these separators?
Without fuel. The plastic bag is for the turbine to breathe.

3) How do they allow a turbine to work, as a turbine must pull air in to work?
Without fuel. The turbine will use the air which will be in flexible plastic bag.

4) If it still pulls air in, and with the large plastic bags as big as they are, how can you stop any amount from getting sucked in and destroying the turbine?
The turbine will not touch the bag half full of air.

5) If the air is entirely self contained, what happens to the plastic bag as the air gets extremely hot from recirculating through a turbine?
The turbine will use cold air.

6) If the bags fully inflate, how can the plane fly since the wings are no longer aerodynamic?
We have to build large wings.

7) How is the plane controlled since the bags affect the the flaps of the wings?
We have to build large wings.

8) What causes the bags to inflate if they are airtight?
They must be half full of air.

9) How are the plastic bags hanging from the chassis before they are filled?
We must build a metal skeleton.

These are just some of the questions that come to my mind from looking at this picture. I'd hate to see what an aerospace engineer or anyone with a college level understanding of physics would say.

10) Edit: One more question: How fast can this Learjet 35 fly with huge bags obstructing the wings?
Wanting and thinking.

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez

Encontré una manera de usar turbinas de aire comprimido en el espacio. Esta turbina no usa combustible, sino, un motor eléctrico y no sé cuanta presión puede comprimir una turbina de un motor de electricidad.......................

The VEEG is affecting my brain.
What are you talking about?

ESAPCIAL isn't even Spanish.

I've used google Translate to make it English


I found a way to use compressed air turbines in space. This turbine does not use fuel but , an electric motor and do not know how much pressure to compress an engine turbine electricity .

Propeller operation VEEG - HEPSY is shrink the plastic bag while filling engruesar turbine and then the plastic bag while blowing the turbine. And repeating the process all the time.

Reduce the size of the plastic bag and increase the size of the plastic bag. This is the process VEEG - HEPSY propeller without the air brake , but , you inflate a balloon of any shape and of a large size.

To begin the operation of an engine of this model , we must make the air , I'd say half of the air from the plastic bag full . To allow room to inflate , then this bag inflated air turbine again and it is there where you shrink the size of the plastic bag again.

All this must occur in a very quick time , for that the bag should be in an airtight container .

If we want to travel with a jet engine Jet , we have to use this process , but never reach incredible distances in a short time . You can use several Jet turbines with an electric motor of 110 volts. I imagine a spaceship with 20 turbines Jet and speed to reach the empty space . I think it would reach another star with the strength of 40 turbines Jet

I managed to propel the turbine way without brake , using a plastic bag and flexibility to not slow the air leaving the turbine .

EXAMPLE: I hope you understand the operation , it is very easy after discovered , is like you holding a plastic bag with your hands, you take out the air and you place it in your mouth. The air in your lungs will fill the small bag in your hands and then breathe into your lungs and into the air from the bag back to the lung , redundant and held in your hand bag run out of air. This is the process inflating and out with the same air in your lungs a plastic bag and secured with your hands empty. It is a process that produces no brake. I hope you understand this example : blow with your mouth and suck .

Kind regards ,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez

See, now it makes sense.
My brain has gone all Spanish again.
Did someone spill a can of VEEG in here?

Patente Piendiente?
No way.
Who would accept a Patente like that for heaven's sake?

Imposible mi amigo. It contravenes Newtons Third Law:
Tercera Ley de Newton del movimiento:
Para cada acción debe haber una reacción de igual magnitud pero con sentido opuesto.