Intellectuals, Philosopher and Scientists on Hinduism

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by rahul_sharma, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. kmguru Staff Member

    I missed the thread and whole Sciforums for a while...I am back since what I wanted to do did not go anywhere (like improving economy for the USA)...hence I am moving to another continent (work is getting done).

    Now, India did have good stuff long long ago including the better Strategists (Chanakya) than Sun Tzu. But no one cares.

    The GDP in 2011 is USA at $14.99 Trillion, China at $7.318 Trillion and India at $1.848 Trillion while China and India started from about the same GDP in 1983 when I was in China.

    And this morning I heard that Price in India went double than last year In New Delhi.

    So, the Knowledge, India had thousand years ago did not go anywhere because people may not be exactly smart to use technology. It happens to the kids of rich people...mostly...
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  3. kmguru Staff Member

    Iif we are using Technology and our understanding of the Multiverse, then it is not so....

    There is NO enlightenment until this Universe dies. That is because as you get more information, you grow.

    One can not get "enlightenment" even if one has the sumtotal of all the internet information in ones head today...for there are more thing in the future. After all, otherwise after get more Knowledge...and better life and philosophy and Universe etc...and humans before fire would not get....and so on.
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  5. wellwisher Banned Banned

    Enlightenment is not about information, rather, enlightenment is connected to wisdom. Wisdom is different from information in that wisdom can act outside the limits of information.

    As an analogy, one can be new at carpentry and read books on how to build a house. Once you begin, there are always unforeseen contingencies, therefore, needed information may be lacking. The highly skill master carpenter will use his wisdom in carpentry, as the basis for the ingenuity needed to fill in where known information ends. Enlightenment gets one ahead of information.

    The author, Emerson, once said, (paraphrase) read all you can and learn from the great minds of your time (knowledge). Once you have done that, then forget it all (back burner} and start creating your own ideas; wisdom begins. The enlightened mind practices his wisdom by living outside the box, where information ends; living soul of creation. The ancients achieved enlightenment when they left the confines of the mass mind and became organic.
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  7. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ OP,
    I Endorse Hindu and Buddhism as Religions I would enjoy. I would never be Catholic, etc.

    I believe in powers of the Mind and Body which are recognized in these religions.

    I also believe in The Law of Attraction meaning what a person thinks about most seems to materialize. A person visualizing a win can win. A person visualizing and worrying about debts attracts more debts.

    In Hindu they have various Gods for Various purposes. Similar to law of Attraction you pray and ask and think of this area of your life. If you want Health you pray to one god. If you want Love you pray to another. It has similarities.

    All religions seem to ask that we Pray, Have faith something will come, and be Thankful.

    As religions go. I like Hindu.
  8. kmguru Staff Member

    Standard business definition runs as Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom. You must be speaking Martian...

    NO Data produces

    NO Information produces

    NO Knowledge produces

    NO Wisdom

    Need to understand the hierarchy...
    Last edited: May 24, 2013
  9. kmguru Staff Member

    I like that...It started with Sanatana Dharma (Eternal way of Life)...but then the Britishers messed the Way of Life to Religion.

    Also, Indians messed of that Way of Life due to external Religions and downstream of bad economy over the new kind of stuff that is no where a Way of Life.

    If you start talking with Vedic discussions...they all will agree where we It is that aspects...that rest of the world will connect someday in the future.

    Otherwise, it would be a fake system by a lot of fake people....that can start a religion anytime they has been happened...

    Another way of saying it is the Ten Commandments...a Way of Life...that a higher being gave us...but we also messed it up too...
  10. IncogNegro Banned Banned

    Jesus, Muhammad, a Priest, and a Rabbi could walk into Gods bar. Muhammad would talk to the athiests to "convert them". The Priest would think he was Jesus and try to talk to God. Jesus would ask, " so how have you lived above your own story my child". And the Budhist monks would be watching in seclusion instead of trying to take over....
  11. kmguru Staff Member

    What happened to 20,000 years of Ideas before 480 BCE???
  12. IncogNegro Banned Banned

    Oh... well they all died in a catastrophic explosion of some sort.... some even simultaneously...

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