Lord Kalki

krishna and vishnu are same, the Sustainers. His references are unadultrated vedas.

That is very possible, because in each life cycle, the names are different but it is the same Life....There is one other item. Krishna People are the most senior (beyond that those Lives do not take any Humanoid form. They had one Artificial Intelligence based ship (more than one) that had the captain with the same name (that is how the ships are names (captain and ship have the same name). One was a female...and one time was the Spouse of Krishna at that Life. How these works in to Hindu Pantheon, I have no idea.

Remember Krishna People are over Five Billion Years of Life and hence the most senior in Life forms and hence gods. Not real God, that is higher up that does not have Life systems in the last 500,000 years. I was told about a Ten Billion Year old Life form (among that group) - which is pretty high and in this Universe. Those people can move from Universe to Universe meeting their counter parts, I think. But other Universes may be very high up in the scheme of things....It hurts my head thinking about these stuff....There is even more. There are entities between Universes....How old are they.....Trillions? Then go to the Real primary entity which we may call GOD! A combination of all entities may be from last Creations?

Our science will go nuts thinking about Time....but that is the only way...in a Mobius Strip....
Forget what I said in the past....learning new stuff points me in an interesting area...and thank you all...for putting up with me....

One thing for sure is

As to the water, we received the data from the spirit universe like two weeks ago as to it is real...in 200 years...