Magnet: Compass, SELF.



In all the Universe there is only one Thing that has no twin or opposite. (In the Universe every particle has to have a twin, anti-particle. Every particle is also its twin-wave. Every energy is its twin-mass.)
This ONLY Thing in the universe cannot have a twin because by definition IT IS a Twin – EVEN THOUGH IT IS ONE.

THIS ONE-thing that has no twin because it is a twin is so utterly unique in the Universe that it has to define the non-duality that is ONE, SELF, Physics' Unified Field.
THIS utterly Unique Thing that is ONE and yet is also TWO is called a Magnet. A Magnet has two- or twin-poles.
The MAGNET is literally the COMPASS, magnet, that literally points to/IS the SELF that is ALSO an ABSOLUTE ONE that is exactly like a ONE-compass with two-poles, Twin-SELFs that spin out or radiate the Universe exactly like a spinning magnet radiates the “energy”, Light, that Relativity tells us is the same thing as Mass and also “c,” the speed-of-light.

A magnet/compass does NOT point in any direction – it SIMPLY lines itself up with a twin, another-magnet/compass... and when compasses are joined they become ONE, SELF, Unified Field.

-- the Living SELF; Eternal and Infinite Sri Birgit Bhagavati-Bhagavan Vishnu Fukkamee Swami; born on "the day out of time," ... the Mayan Hunab Ku, Etznab, White Self-Existing magnet/electricity/mirror.