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We shall Ionize!i
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Here is a little fun activity I devised for members to gain an objective picture on what opinions other members have of them here on this forum.


# 1. List the name of the member and beside it leave one word that you would use to describe that member.

* Member name - word

#2. Please limit trolling to one word beside member's name.

#3. If more than one word is needed to describe the member, please rewrite the member's name again, and then write the new description word.

* Member name - new word

#4. You can also just add a description word and leave the member's name empty, or add the member's name and leave the description word empty. In this case another member must repost and fill in the missing piece of either the member's name or the description word. The same member should not fill in the blank, if the same member wants to provide the two pieces of information, then they should use the format described in
#1 ,and#3.

Am just curious if the posts will be more honest or more sarcastic, hmm not knowing I guess is all that's left to be experienced at the moment...Will the honesty pour out?
So your fun little game is designed for trolling (and flaming I assume). You do know trolling is against forum rules, right?

No it's not, but as much as we try and illiminate trolling it never seems to be completely removed. There seems to always be a non zero probable chance it will accur all the time. That assessment is seldom violated especially as a thread becomes larger. So since its really difficult to bring that chance to zero I can at least provide a guideline to limit it. So far it isn't working only one member seems to be following instructions. It would be nice if there is no trolling but on this site that's seems to be too difficult an achievement for a lot of threads I seen here.
Not open for further replies.