Miracle combined with science

To take this fable as fact, it means that God made a deliberate decision not to intervene.

Although... these days if a person survives a heart attack, it is often due to human intervention. Perform CPR or apply a defibrillator, get the EMTs there within three minutes [my estimate, I'll let Asguard correct it], and there's a good chance of surviving with no brain damage.

[BTW, I recently read that coughing to restart your heart, or at least to cause pulses of blood pressure to pump a bit of fresh oxygen to the brain, doesn't work. Anybody got an authoritative take on that? It was in Parade--the magazine with the largest circulation in America because it comes with everybody's Sunday paper--and their stuff is usually very well vetted.]

It's often been said,
"God created man in his image, then man returned the compliment. Or vice versa."​

It is the old story when I was a kid dad was great but as I grew I started to know better the dad , and I don't need him any more.
We should be grateful for this beautiful nature that is provides for us , but instead we don't want to recognize his maker.
I like the comment "He was literally dead!" No he wasn't. Maybe you don't understand the meaning of "literally"?
I have meat several gang banger and I visit them from from time to time ( Hispanic and Blacks ) and I here the comments that their mother prayed for them . several of them are for murder, they tell their mother are great full that god saved their son for keeping them a life in prison otherwise they would go to the cementery.

Yep. There are a lot of criminals out there. Some of them survive. Some of them die. Doesn't matter whether their mothers pray for them or not.
When i was kid who had just learned to ride a bike, i needed two dollars to rent it for an hour( i didnt have my own bike) , I prayed to God that he will leave me 2 dollars on the way and walked towards the store, and just like i asked i found the 2 dollars on the way there. Do u call that a miracle? I don't.
Had you called it a miracle you might have found twice or even ten times that.